Most corporates float brands, but what they lack is brand identity. We can help your brand connect emotionally with your audience and carve its own identity!

As soon as people hear the name Dettol, Galaxy, Dove, NestlÚ or Lux, they immediately relate to the product. However mentioning Reckitt Benckiser, Mars, Unilever, etc. may not always ring a bell. That's the power of brands. Brands are shaped and powered by the perceptions of the audience as to how they distinguish between similar products or prefer one over another and play an important role in building a distinct corporate image.

You can say that your corporate branding is effective when people can immediately recognize your company / product by just seeing its logo, slogan, typeface, packaging or colors and connect to it at a personal and emotional level. And that's what our dedicated team strives for. We work towards creating a strong brand identity for your products / company ensuring that it is popular and relatable among your audience.

Corporate Identity and Brand Identity - What and Why?

Corporate identity defines how employees, partners, customers and investors perceive the overall image and culture of a business, organisation, corporation or a firm, and helps organisations answer questions like "who are we?" and "are we going in the right direction?". Corporate identity enforces a sense of belonging among your consumers, and is therefore very important for the success of your organizational objectives.

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Despite having strong corporate identity, business owners crave for unique brand identity as it helps them promote their products' unique characteristics as a differentiation from the competitors, ensuring wide-spread consumer recognition. Brand identity is the bundle of emotional, conceptual and functional association that the consumers have with the brand and how they relate to it on a personal level.

If your answer to any of the following requirements is in affirmative, you need to take the services for a professional branding agency like ours.

  • Do you want your product or company to offer a differentiation, be noticed and make an impression among your competitors?
  • Do you feel the need to know how your audience perceive and connect to your product / company, and if you are fulfilling their needs and aspirations?
  • Do you want to ensure that there is coherence in your marketing objectives, consumer aspirations and the final brand experience, and if your company is viewed as credible?
  • Do you want your company / brand / product to deliver promised experience and be relevant, distinguished, and coherent and valued by both external and internal audiences?

Brand Development and Identity Design Services We Offer

We are a leading branding agency in UAE offering corporate identity design and brand identity design services in the Middle East, India, UK, and other parts of the globe. When our customers talk about brand development or corporate branding requirement, the key thing we work on is identity design. The whole concept about creating a unique corporate identity or a brand identity is to make your corporation or brand recognizable among the target audience. We make this happen by using diverse visual elements, which work together to give your brand a new avatar that people can identify with, and acts as a differentiating symbol for your business as a whole.

We make use of the following visual elements to create a unique corporate brand identity:

  • Creating distinct business stationery including business cards, letterhead, stamp, official envelopes, etc.
  • Finalising the types of promotional messages or communication messages to be conveyed via different communication mediums
  • Creating marketing collaterals like brochures, flyers, websites, blogs, books, etc.
  • Designing apparels and clothing Items for staff with corporate symbols
  • Designing interior & exterior signage
  • Logo designing and creating a unique symbol that represents your brand by carefully choose its fonts, colors, style, shape, size and layout
  • Finalising the packaging and design in which products will be sold
  • Deciding on the audio, video, touch smell, etc. of the product

We understand that creating a brand identity is not a one-time job, as sub-brands keep on adding down the line once a brand becomes popular. We help our clients establish a Brand Architecture that reminds consumers of the value proposition that entire brand family brings to the table, and acts as a roadmap to develop sub-brands, new products and brand extensions in the future. We can help you create any of the following types of brand architecture as per your unique business needs.

  • Corporate Brand, Umbrella Brand or Family Brand
  • House of Brands / Individual Product Brands
  • Hybrid / Endorsed Brands / sub-brands

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When you partner with us for designing brand identity, we don't just work on creating a unique brand image, but strive to offer a 360 value proportion. Avail the following advantages with our brand identity design services:

  • Unique differentiation and distinct brand appearance
  • Pleasant corporate persona
  • Long-lasting customer loyalty
  • Business enhancement and growth
  • Stability and credibility in the market
  • More visibility and consumer identification
  • Customer retention

Contact our expert team to create a unique identity for your brand / products / company and move ahead of your competitors.

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