Restaurant Business in Dubai

Dubai is a thriving city with a continuously growing economy, coupled with advanced infrastructure and access to essential resources. People from all over the world are flocking to Dubai, and this creates many opportunities for businesses like Restaurants.
If you are looking to set up a Restaurant business in Dubai, then it will cost you AED 15,500 and your setup process will be completed in 2 working days. The Expert Consultants at Commitbiz will understand the requirements of your business and will assist you to fulfil all the necessary requirements.

How it Works

With just three simple steps, register your Restaurant Business


Q. What is the fee required to start a restaurant business in Dubai?

You may approximately require AED 15,500.

Q. In how many days can I start a restaurant in Dubai?

If you approach a skilled consultant, your procedures will be completed in 2 working days.

Q. Are restaurant businesses profitable in Dubai?

According to the data, restaurant services produce more than 20 billion dirhams and are one of the most lucrative businesses.

Q. What are the licenses required to open Dubai restaurant business?

You will require the following licenses:

  • Trade license
  • Food license

Q. What are the permissions required to open restaurant in Dubai?

The permissions given below are required:

  • Food consignment release license
  • Pork permit for handling and serving pork products
  • Vehicle permit for transporting food products
  • Liquor License (if you are planning to serve liquor at your restaurant.)


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