Commercial License in Abu Dhabi

Doing business in Abu Dhabi can be very fruitful for a businessman, and in order to conduct the business, most of them require a Commercial License. Having a Commercial License can be very useful for a business and can ensure the growth of the business. The Package provided by Commitbiz starts from AED 12,345. This package will also include a one-year Commercial License, which will assist and ensure the business's growth and development.

How it Works

With just three simple steps, register your business in Commercial License


Q. How much should one pay for a Commercial License in Abu Dhabi?

The cost of an Abu Dhabi Commercial License starts from AED 12,345.

Q. How many types of Abu Dhabi trade license are there?

Here are three types of licenses available

  • Tajer Abu Dhabi License
  • Instant trade license
  • Commercial License

Q. In how many days will I get my Abu Dhabi trade license?

The procedure with us will not take more than one working day.

Q. Does Abu Dhabi commercial license require an office space?

Yes, having or renting an office space is mandatory.

Q. How to renew trade license in Abu Dhabi?

Submit your renewal application, get approvals and pay the fees.


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