Cleaning Company License Dubai

What was once considered one of the least preferred professions is now one of the most profitable business globally. The cleaning business has gained a lot of potential in Dubai in the past couple of years, and the scope keeps on increasing. A cleaning company in Dubai requires significantly less capital to initiate, due to which the competition in this field of business is rising 30-40% every year. People worldwide come for setting up their business in Dubai or starting their career; 70% of the population focused on their career has no time to spend on daily chores and cleaning. This very reason gave rise to the cleaning business in Dubai and people looking to start their business in this industry sector.

Business setup in Dubai in the cleaning sector might be easy, but the work and research involved in this business are not accessible. One has to look into a lot of aspects while starting a cleaning business in Dubai, or any other place in the world, like the cleaning service to provide, the types of equipment to buy, which region to target, how many employees to hire for the job, and a few other vital factors.

Conditions to Know to Open a Cleaning Company in Dubai

Dubai Municipality has written down some rules that one must comply with before venturing into company setup. It includes –

  • A standard cleaning company license does not give the license holder the right to clean cars, industrial areas, and public street areas. It excludes providing domestic workers who perform as cooks, gardeners, and housekeepers' laundresses, caring for children, elderly, and providing temporary basis cleaners.
  • A special permit is required to operate on a 24-hour basis.
  • Each service must be with transparent pricing and required timing to complete the specific service.
  • Includes firms that provide interior, exterior, and outer areas cleaning to residential buildings and governmental and professional premises.

How to Setup a Cleaning Service Business in Dubai?

Even though the cleaning business in Dubai is one of the most profitable businesses and simple to set up, it still requires proper knowledge, to begin with. Here are a few things one needs to consider while setting up a business in the cleaning department in Dubai:

Selecting the Region

If you are entering into the cleaning profession, there are three different types of regions/sectors that you can target, so choosing the right industry will be the first stepping stone for your company:

1.Residential Sector Cleaning

This domain would be perfect for any cleaning company to start with. The residential sector consists of houses, apartments and flats. It would require a small team of helpers, who would be perfect for cleaning houses and flats. This work is done when the hirer is home or even when they are at their job.

2.Industrial Sector Cleaning

This is a much bigger region to handle, requiring more significant labour and more equipment for the job. Under this region, you can provide cleaning windows, floors, or just the bathroom. Cleaning companies that have a substantial workforce can target this region. The industrial sector is mainly centred around big offices, skyscrapers, and tech parks.

3.Commercial Sector Cleaning

This is the most challenging region to get customers in because you have to be one of the best cleaning companies in Dubai to serve it. These regions include unique places and commercial places which call for a particular type of cleaning.

4.Street Cleaning

Streets cleaning services license Dubai allows you to provide cleaning services for all roads, footpath and markets by manual or mechanical aid. The activity code of the street cleaning service license in Dubai is 900002, and the license type of this service is professional. Dubai Municipality or waste management company hold the right to regulate it, and this business license is subject to rules and regulation of Dubai Municipality.

5.Sea and Shore Cleaning

This cleaning license in Dubai is responsible for sea and shore cleaning. This license will allow the company to collect and dispose of treating marine waste and pollutants that pollute beach, sea, natural and artificial lakes, and marine life. Assigned activity code of 900005, as mentioned above, the business license is subject to all the DM rules and regulations under the environment department.

6.Building Cleaning

Under the activity code of 749301, the building cleaning service license Dubai is categorized as a professional license type. The activity description of this license allows interior, exterior and cleaning outer areas to residential building, government and professional premises. Excluded from this list are providers of domestic workers who perform as cooks, gardeners, housekeepers, laundress, caring for children and the elderly. Also excluded from this list are those providing workers who conduct cleaning residential building temporarily.

7.Runways and Road Cleaning

The activity description includes manual and mechanical cleaning of runways and roads is assigned activity code of 749309and type of license issued for this type of cleaning service is of the professional scale.

Researching the Market

After deciding which region to start with, the next step would be to conduct proper research of the entire region, finding your potential customers, deciding on the marketing strategy, finding your competition, locality in the region, and a few other factors. Conducting a proper investigation before starting with your business would be a brief on what kind of services you will be providing to your customers.

Acquiring a Professional License

One of the most essential steps is obtaining a professional license in Dubai. Here is a list of the different types of cleaning business licenses in Dubai:

License Code

License Type


Activity Group



Building Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services



Aircraft Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services



Tank Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services



Advertising Signboards

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services



Yacht Cleaning

Cleaning Services



Runways and road cleaning

Cleaning Services



Carpets Cleaning




Dry Cleaning Services




Car Washing & Cleaning

Motor Vehicle Repairing

Cleaning Agents and Equipment

After getting the license for your cleaning company in Dubai, getting the right equipment would be the next step. The right supply of dusters, vacuum cleaners, mops, and other equipment should be bought in higher volumes if you are cleaning business. Purchasing the right amount of cleaning supplies and waste dumping supplies should also be on the list, and finding out the correct quantity of all these materials to buy might take some time to figure out.

Business Plan and Marketing Strategy

Every business requires a good plan to start with because, without proper planning, a business cannot create or move in the right direction. So even before starting a cleaning company in Dubai, a good and strategic business plan should be ready along with a contingency plan in case things go haywire. Setting up a business in Dubai from scratch might be complex and challenging, so taking business consultants' assistance in Dubai could make things hassle-free.

The next thing would be designing and laying out a good marketing plan for your new cleaning business in Dubai.  A marketing plan would help you figure out the right customers, the market to target, what kind of promotional techniques to use, advertising channels to invest in, and help you build a proper marketing budget for your business.

Requirements to Apply for Cleaning Services License

  • Completed application form
  • At least three trade name options
  • Passport copies of shareholders
  • Entry stamp or visa page of foreign shareholders
  • NOC from the current sponsor, if the shareholder has a residence visa
  • Additional approvals, if any, listed by the DED

How to Apply for Cleaning License in Dubai?

The applicant must choose and apply for a business license from the choices of business activities provided above. The application process will also include deciding on a jurisdiction where one wants to set up their business. After submitting the documents and paying fees, one can also apply for a dependents family or any domestic staff visa. The applicant will also need a corporate bank account to keep the finances in control.

A business formation consultant in Dubai will help you complete a hassle-free and straightforward manner.

How can we help?

Commitbiz can assist you with setting up a cleaning business in Dubai. Our expertise with formal procedures and regional regulation can help you set up your business and guide you with every detail you need to know before setting up your business in Dubai. If you are interested in starting a cleaning company in Dubai, do contact us – we'd be happy to help.