Business Opportunities in Sharjah

Sharjah, known for its pro-business attitude, attracts plenty of business people from across the world. A business setup in Sharjah is an excellent idea, as the Emirate is linked to many international airports and seaports.

There are various business opportunities in Sharjah, making it a hub for investment and entrepreneurship. Now, you might wonder about the kind of business opportunities available in the emirate.

Let us deep-dive to know why starting a business in Sharjah is beneficial.

Why You Need to Consider Starting a Business in Sharjah?

Apart from the strategic location of the emirate, there are plenty of other reasons to invest in Sharjah. Listed below are certain things which need your consideration for setting up your business in the Sultanate:

  1. Budget-Friendly Environment

Compared to the other Emirates, Sharjah provides a more budget-friendly environment to establish your business. The benefits include low rents,  affordable labour, choice of free zones, and comparatively low business setup costs.

  1. Good Connectivity

Sharjah has good connectivity with the rest of the world and offers easy access to central harbours in Dubai. You can utilise these facilities to grow your business in the Emirate.

  1. Experienced Workforce

You get access to a skilled and experienced workforce from around the world in Sharjah. The government is constantly boosting the educational sector to produce more skilled workers who can contribute to the Emirates’ economy.

  1. Supportive Business Environment

With the launch of multiple projects to promote and grow business in the emirate, you get access to various benefits. These include tax benefits, R&D scholarships, access to good infrastructure, a simpler process for company incorporation, etc.

  1. Option of Different Free Zones 

The Emirate has designed certain free zones to cater to specific industries, so selecting the correct setup for your business is essential. Sharjah freezone business setup offers you plenty of benefits such as full ownership, complete return on investment and waiver of import/ export tax.

What are the Business Opportunities Available in Sharjah?

Several industries in Sharjah are thriving with different sectors competing for dominance. If you wish to start a business, here are some promising opportunities for starting a business in Sharjah. 

  1. Travel and Leisure Sector

Sharjah’s travel & leisure sector has seen a significant surge and offers plenty of investment opportunities. You can invest in hotels, restaurants, tourism services and ecotourism ventures.

  1. Transport and Logistics Sector

Given its strategic location and low labour costs, Sharjah offers good opportunities in the sector of transport and logistics. You can look to tap into this rapidly expanding sector.

  1. Environment Sector

Demand for environment products and services are at its peak given the rollout of environment protection laws in Sharjah. You can look to invest in environmental technology, renewable energy, and waste management initiatives.

  1. Healthcare Sector

The demand for advanced healthcare and medical services has increased due to Sharjah’s growing population. As the Emirate looks to expand its capacity to accommodate the increasing healthcare demands, there is a good opportunity for growth in the healthcare sector. You can explore investing in clinics and hospitals.

  1. Education Sector

Several initiatives are being undertaken to elevate the education sector in Sharjah, which offers a significant investment opportunity. Education remains a top priority among the Emirate's sustainable development goals as the Emirate remains committed to transforming into a knowledge-based economy. 

  1. Manufacturing Sector

As an industrial hub, Sharjah offers a wide range of investment opportunities in this sector. You can invest in key sectors like chemicals, metals, food manufacturing, rubber and plastic, etc.

With the UAE government committed to attracting foreign investors, there are business opportunities to grab. You need to finalise the best-suited business activity for yourself and connect with our experts to set up your business in Sharjah.


How can foreign investors establish a presence in Sharjah?

Foreign investors can set up businesses in Sharjah through various avenues such as Free Zones like Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF Zone) or Hamriyah Free Zone or by forming partnerships with local entities. The process involves registering the business with the relevant authorities and obtaining the necessary licenses.

How is the business environment in Sharjah conducive to growth and innovation?

Sharjah prioritises innovation and entrepreneurship through initiatives like the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa) and Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park). Sharjah fosters an environment ripe for growth and innovation with a robust regulatory framework, access to skilled labour, and a vibrant ecosystem of startups and established enterprises.

What resources are available for entrepreneurs looking to establish or expand their business in Sharjah?

Entrepreneurs can tap into a wealth of resources, including business incubators, accelerators, funding programs, and networking platforms facilitated by government initiatives and private sector support, to catalyse business success in Sharjah.

What are the key industries driving business opportunities in Sharjah?

Sharjah boasts diverse sectors, including manufacturing, trade, logistics, tourism, and cultural industries, offering ample business prospects.