Looking for a BUSINESS center in Dubai?
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To start your business in Dubai, you need a registered office. With us, all you need to avail a business centre in Dubai is to contact us – we’ll take care of providing a fully furnished ready-to-occupy registered business office for you.

Business center

Your Guide to Buying/Renting
a Business Centre in Dubai

If you are planning to buy or rent a business centre in Dubai, it might help you to tick the following checkboxes, listed in order of priority:

Location | Where to set up your office?

Research on the market you wish to cater to. Is your office location near it? Also, is the office easily accessible?

Wondering where to set up your office in Dubai?

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Workstation | What type of office do you require?

The answer to this question depends, in turn, upon the following ones:

  • For what duration do you want to lease an office?
  • Is your company registered in a free zone in Dubai?
  • Would you require room to expand in the near future?
  • Do you need any special services?

Cost | How much are you willing to spend for your office?

What are the kinds of office facilities you require? Are you looking to buy or rent, and for the short or long term? A serviced office is desirable if you don’t wish to avoid miscellaneous maintenance and routine expenses of running an office. If you need an office for less than 20 employees and for the short term, it makes sense to rent instead of buying. Also, don’t forget about the renewal charges. Based on your location and tenancy contract, you may have to pay a quarterly or yearly recurring charge. There might also be a refundable deposit involved.

Depending on your answers to these, you can opt for one of the following 3 types of office space in Dubai:

Serviced Office

A serviced office in Dubai is a ready-to-move office space maintained by a third party for you. It generally comes with accompanying amenities typically required of a business, like internet access, telephone line, pantry, etc. It is worthwhile to note that, as per a new regulation issued by the Dubai Economic Department (DED), to obtain a trade license in Dubai, a company is required to have an office space of minimum 200 sq. ft. However, a free zone company may set up its administrative office elsewhere, which doesn’t fall under the aforementioned minimum space constraint. A serviced office is ideal for you if you want a readymade office without the hassle of installing equipment or arranging housekeeping facilities. Serviced offices are usually quite well furnished and offer access to key business locations without the need for a large initial investment. One possible drawback of a serviced office could be its low customizability.

Onshore Office

Mainland companies (businesses not located in a free zone) can choose to go for a serviced office, unfurnished office, mixed-use dwelling (a property having both residential and commercial occupants), or sublet. An onshore office is suited for you if you plan on renting the office in Dubai for a long term and have certain particular customizations you’d like to have in the space.

Free Zone Office

A free zone company is required to have an office in the free zone where it operates. A free zone office might have its minimum space requirements, depending on its location, the business activity and the licensing jurisdiction.

Our Services

We have designed our offices keeping in mind the needs of a typical professional. So all-encompassing are our office that you can step in and get to work right away. Our business centers in Dubai are equipped with the following facilities:

Fully-furnished office space

Free high-speed internet connection [100 Mb/s]

Shared printer and fax machine (100 pages/month complimentary printout)

Free pantry and coffee machine

Meeting rooms (8 hours per room per month complimentary)

Secretarial services

IT support

All utilities included (free DEWA & AC)

Reserved parking

24/7 secure access to the office

A dedicated telephone per desk (free national landline calls) [Telephone Rental: AED 100 per telephone per month]