Women in Business in the UAE

by Zaara 01, Jul 2020

The United Arab Emirates is fast becoming one of the most innovative and futuristic cities globally, with both the local Emiratis and foreign expats moving to Dubai for entrepreneurship opportunities. Today we are going to talk about female entrepreneurship and its rise in the UAE.

Women in the Emirates are just as hungry for entrepreneurship as they are in other countries. And with the area free from the market saturation seen somewhere else, the opportunities here are suitable for picking. Women make up 70% of the region’s university graduates and 44% of the workforce, clear signs that they are critical to the UAE’s economic future. It’s of no surprise that the UAE is now as accessible and supportive for female entrepreneurs as any other market worldwide.

So, what’s behind the increasing accessibility?

We bring you a few crucial points where UAE has excelled in its accessibility.

1.Governmental Support

When it comes to Dubai, the government launched the Dubai Women Establishment (DWE) in the year 2006 as a means of persuading policy at a central level. The aim is to support women as an integral part of Dubai’s socio-economic growth. Further progress was accomplished through the launch of the UAE Gender Balance Council in 2015 to address the gender gap in federal institutions.

2.Female-Focused Third Parties

From female-oriented HR companies to women-only angel investors, there are many companies in the Emirates, helping boost the number of female business people in the UAE and increase their chance of success. Womentum, part of Dubai-based women-only angel group WOMENA, is an early-stage accelerator for female-led tech startups in the Middle East, intending to increase the number of female entrepreneurs in the ecosystem.

3.Ten-Year Visas for Investors and Entrepreneurs

The UAE government has become to grant long-term visas for up to ten years for entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators. These changes underline what was already evident; the UAE is attracting entrepreneurs and a new generation of talent. This program will provide stability as well as the confidence to women, and as a result, would-be expat businesspersons are more likely to see Emirates as a long-term proposition.

4.Visas for Expat Divorcees and Widows

Up until 2018, women were backed by their husbands had to leave the UAE following a divorce. Widows were approved leave to stay and use up any remaining time on their residency visa before leaving. As of last year, widowed and divorced expat women are now allowed to obtain a one-year visa for themselves and their dependents, with visas running from the date of divorce or death.

The current business environment in the UAE is one that is committed to driving equality in the business world. It can go so far as to say there has never been a better time to be a women entrepreneur in the United Arab Emirates. With the government also supporting and helping the SME sector, those tired old myths of unreachability for women are now being washed away with new women-led startups and launches.

How can Commitbiz help you?

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Is it possible for a woman to start a business in the United Arab Emirates?

 In the UAE, women can run whatever company they choose as long as they obtain all necessary legal licenses.

How do UAE women succeed in business?

UAE women succeeded in business because that does not require a significant initial investment. Instead, they need to focus on limited resources of energy, ideas, time, and money.

What are the few business activities a woman can do in the UAE?

A woman can do a few business activities in the UAE: starting a fashion boutique, alteration service, event management, food blogging, bakery, and art and craft classes.

What role do businesswomen play in the UAE?

Businesswomen in the UAE are not only strong innovators, but they also contribute to market expansion, long-term sustainability, and more job prospects.

What is the growth of female business in UAE?

According to the survey, 33 per cent of female-owned their businesses.