Why You Should Obtain a License in Dubai South Free Zone

by Zaara 06, Nov 2019

Why You Should Obtain a License in Dubai South Free Zone

In the modern-day, Dubai has evolved into one of the biggest business hubs in the World. Dubai now has attracted investors in more ways than possible. With the introduction of free zones in Dubai, there is a lot of potential for businesspeople who like autonomy and decentralisation. The additional repatriation and tax benefits are a boon for foreigners, especially from high tax imposing countries. The additional tax certificate avoids tax on such a large scale for big businesspeople investing in Dubai.

 For those looking to start a business in the DSFZ, there is no better time than now. Previously known as the Dubai World Central, the DSFZ is said to be twice as big as the Hong Kong Island.  With an estimated size of 145 Sq Km. The Worlds largest airport the Al Maktoum International Airport is getting constructed in the Free Zone.

Advantages of Setting up a Business in DSFZ

  • One of the biggest advantages offered by the DSFZ is that it allows for 100 per cent foreign ownership. The hassle of finding a trustworthy sponsor is completely forgotten about, and other business factors can be focused on
  • The 100 per cent repatriation of capitals and profits is an added boon for any foreigner
  • The free zones in Dubai are tax-free, therefore running any business in DSFZ is an excellent choice.
  • The various licenses offered by the DSFZ allows for venturing into various business sectors. This offers a holistic approach to those looking to start a business in the DSFZ.
  • Strategically located, right next to Jebel Ali Port and the Al Maktoum Airport, gives direct access to importers and exporters, thereby improving trade in the area.
  • There is no requirement of furnishing share capital as well as no currency restrictions.
  • State of the art facilities provided by the DSFZ allows for even the most technologically sophisticated companies to set up businesses in the free zone.

Business Attractions in the DSFZ

 With a colossally sized area of 140 sq.km, the DSFZ is divided into different districts. The biggest being

1.DSFZ Aviation District

Aviation is solely dedicated to the aviation sector. It has free zones areas for Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO), FBO’s, light industries, education and R&D sectors. The aviation district is also the home to MIDDLE EAST BUSINESS AVIATION SHOW, DUBAI AIRSHOW and VIP terminal.

2.DSFZ Logistics District

The logistics degree spreads over an area of 21sqkm. It is a multimodal platform for enterprises in connection with the supply chain. Providing hassle-free Air-Road-Sea connectivity, the logistics district offers customised as well as ready to use options to serve integrators, contract logistics, freight- forwarders as well as other agents. There is also the Ak Maktoum Airport to ease out air cargo functions.

3.1DSFZ Business Park

The Business park at DSFZ offers different options for office spaces. This caters to medium enterprises as well as large corporations and MNC’s.

Kinds of Flexi Desk Options in DSFZ

The DSFZ offers various office spaces for reasonable prices.

  • Smart Desk: License Price: 39900 Dirham (AED)
  • Smart Office: License Price: 49900 Dirham (AED)
  • Permanent Smart Desk: License Price: 54900 Dirham (AED)
  • Permanent Smart Office: License Price: 95000  Dirham(AED)

Businesses based in DSFZ are licensed and incorporated by Dubai South Authority. One of the most integral parts about setting up a business is to choose the right structure of the business.

The DSFZ furthers various licenses. These include the Industrial license to be used by industries conducting light manufacturing activities. The logistics district issues a special logistics license for logistic activities or services. This will serve those looking to start a logistics company in Dubai

When it comes to general trade involving export, import, distribution and storage of various products, a general trading license is issued for this purpose. However, only the products specified by the license can be sold in the UAE through a local distributor. Other service and education licenses also are issued by the DSFZ for those looking to provide service and educational services in the free zone. This will help with those looking to start a training academy in the UAE Two visas also can be obtained under the DSFZ licenses.

There should be no doubt in the mind of a business investor when it comes to starting a business in one of the biggest free zones of Dubai. Integrated multi-sector corporations can collaborate and thereby expand beyond imagination. The scope for business in the DSFZ is only continuing the grow; this will thereby increase prices to a significant level. It is always advised to start a business at the earliest to avoid unnecessary costs.

Need Help? 

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1. What are the permitted activities for obtaining a Dubai South license for education?

The activities that can be carried out are educational and social services, training and education, educational consultancy services, etc.

2. Are banking businesses allowed in the DWC-free zone?

No, any banking business is prohibited in this zone.

3. Do we require proof of share capital in the DWC?

Proof of share capital is not needed.

4. Are the facilities for on-site license and visa authorization provided in the DSFZ?

Yes, the benefits of an on-site license and authorization of a visa can be availed here.

5. What is the Dubai South free zone license validity?

One year like in other Emirates and then it must be renewed.

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