Why It Makes Sense to Rent an Office Space in Dubai

by Zaara 02, Nov 2018

Why It Makes Sense to Rent an Office Space in Dubai

Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the UAE and the most populous city, is a hub for startups. To start a business in Dubai one has to go through a few steps as authorized by the government. One of such steps includes renting an office in Dubai. It is mandatory to rent an office space in Dubai while forming a company. One cannot use a private residence as an official business address. And without renting an office one cannot start their business in Dubai.

Subject to the competent authority, different types of offices are available. The options range from workstations in an open-plan office of a business center, already fitted out offices or shell, and core premises to warehouses with attached office space. Depending upon the location of the company and the individual case, you cannot only rent commercial spaces but also buy them. It may not be a challenging task to get a small office space for rent in Dubai but entrepreneurs have to think about every penny they spend during the initial stage of the business, and renting an office can seem like a burdensome expense.

Advantages of Renting an Office in Dubai

There are many benefits to renting an office space in Dubai. A few of them are:

  • Lenient legal formalities
  • Less cost with more amenities
  • Spacious enough to work
  • Flexibility for the business

But if a business is such that it can be done even without an office space, the compulsion of renting one can seem expensive. Entrepreneurs and small businesses have complained that they are weighed down by regulations that require them to rent unneeded and unwanted office space. As many businesses move online, using cloud computing, messaging apps, and voice services, some entrepreneurs say that the need for a physical office is redundant, particularly for start-ups and younger companies. Nevertheless, whatever the scenario is, having an office for setting up a business is a must in Dubai.

When it comes to free zones in Dubai, the investors will have options of a “smart desk” or a “flexi desk” service, but again the numbers of visas available for these businesses are varied for staffing and are dependent on the size of the office space.

On the other hand, the officials of Department of Economic Development who have come up with this law say that a physical location is made mandatory because it allows the officials to conduct inspections, such as monitoring operations and ensuring the immigration laws are adhered to by the company. Even though the startups are not happy with this law, they have to follow it as a part of the legal framework of Dubai and can balance the expenses paid on rent with other business obligations.

Now, if you are a foreigner wanting to start a business in Dubai but are not aware of this legal compulsion, you can always take help of a consultant. They will help you find a cheaper office space for rent and can also guide you through the setup process. We at Commitbiz understand your dilemma and hence are here to provide you with an affordable renting business centre in Dubai. Our advisors in Dubai have years of experience and can look out for an office for rent in Dubai within your budget with additional amenities. Do contact us today and our consultant will get back with you.

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