Why Dubai is a Potential Ground for Business Investors

by Zaara 15, Jul 2019

Dubai provides business investors with major advantages in terms of its location. Investors can start a business either in the mainland or in free zone as well. Below mentioned are the reasons why one Dubai is a potential ground for business investors:


Dubai has major strict rules and regulations. Although it is the most liberal city among all other emirates. However, considering Dubai in terms of its security, it is one of the cities which is free from riots, aggressive demonstration as well as agitation. According to a survey report by AON Hewitt, a global human resource company, Dubai, is among the top 20 safest cities worldwide. Also, Dubai has ranked 19th worldwide in case of having the lowest risk. There is no fear of terror in Dubai. Being a geographical spot, Dubai has attracted major investors from different parts of the world, but due to the proper security forces as well as the Dubai police, there have always been very rare cases of disruption.

2.Tax-Free Jurisdiction

One of the top reasons why Dubai attracts investors from all over the world is that it is tax-free. The emirate offers different kinds of business ownership as well as tax categories. The free zones in Dubai have 100% tax exemptions there are no corporate taxes as well as 0% income tax also for the international film and production they have provided with 30% tax rebate. It certainly is a good deal for all the business investors wherein they are provided with full business profits and no deductions or taxes. The country allows you to start a business and to spread the same across the globe as well. The economy of Dubai has evolved as a business-friendly regulation. Being one of the most popular emirates for wealthy individuals as Dubai provides them with the freedom to invest properly.

3.Trading Opportunities

Dubai's location geographically is apt for the business environment, especially for trading purposes. It is very well located, which allows it to trade with Gulf, Asian as well as African countries. Dubai hosts every month some 5 to 6 trade shows and international exhibitions and seminars. These seminars are huge and are very beneficial as these provide international networks and lets the business investors explore major opportunities. Recently the Dubai government has also announced the establishment of Dubai wholesale city whereby the Emirates will be attracting big businesses.


Dubai has huge resources. You will never feel any scarcity of resources there. Resources such as Human resources, energy resources, huge real state infrastructure as well as communication technology all under one roof is available in Dubai. UAE has also provided with 5 G services on Etisalat, which is going to be the first communication company providing the said service.

Human Resources

Professionals from 200 countries are living in Dubai. If you are looking for a workforce in Dubai, you can then easily find interns to professionals of every domain or sector in Dubai. Be it IT, civil engineering, web designing, health care or consultancy.

Energy Resources

Energy resources are in abundance in Dubai. Natural gas, crude oil and petroleum and such other resources are available at economical and general prices in Dubai. There is an optimum amount of electricity available for both manufacturers as well as industrial units.

Financial Resources

Dubai has DIFC, i.e., Dubai International Financial Centre, which provides thousands of opportunities to the people in relation to financial services. DIFC is Gulf's premier financial market and is the most preferred location for business investors, financiers as well as accountants. It is competing with other financial hubs like New York and London. Recently, after the merger of FGB, a first Gulf bank and NBAD, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, many opportunities have emerged for the new entrepreneurs as well as business investors.


Dubai is at the top position playing a significant role in international trading and transport logistics. Due to the geographical position, Dubai is considered to be the proper gateway for all the international markets, including India, Africa and Asia.

1. Air: Dubai offers facilities both in air, land as well as sea transportation. Dubai has two airports, which are Dubai internal airport and Dubai World Central. Dubai International Airport is one of the biggest all over the world. The cargo hub is in Dubai is also one of the largest. Apart from these DWC, I.e., Dubai World Centre is a huge project located south of Dubai, which is ultimately a centre for the Dubai World Expo 2020.

2. Sea: the Jebel Ali airport in Dubai is the largest airport in the middle east, and the future will be considered as the biggest container. There are currently plans going on for the expansion of the said airport. The port provides access to over 2 billion people across six continents. It connects 140 ports in the world.

3. Land: Road infrastructure in Dubai is properly executed. Dubai is well known for its wide roads with proper traffic rules and strict monitoring system. Dubai Metro is the world's largest metro route is the world's largest driverless automated train system having more than 70n km of magnetic tracks. The road network in Dubai is developing hugely. Especially with the coming of the Dubai World Expo 2020.


With the growing and developing Dubai and the World Expo 2020, Dubai is certainly attracting major investors from all over the world. Business Investors from different parts of the world are coming to Dubai to start up their business and to invest in the enormous economy of Dubai. If you are planning or thinking about setting up a business in Dubai, you can always reach out to us. We at Commitbiz provides you with solutions for all your business needs. Do contact us for any queries. We will be happy to help.


What is the rank of the UAE according to the Global Investment Report?

UAE ranks 2nd in terms of foreign direct investment.

Which are the most important free zones for business investors in Dubai?

The important free trade zones are Jebel Ali, International Media Production Zone, Dubai Media City, Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park, the Healthcare City, the Maritime City, the Cars and Automotive Zone, the Airport Free Zone, and the Design District.

Are repatriation of funds allowed after we invest in Dubai?

Yes, repatriation is allowed as there are no constraints or foreign exchange control.

Are there any direct taxation of corporations or of individuals while investing in Dubai?

No, direct taxation exists except for banking, oil, and the insurance industry.

Does the United Arab Emirates depend on hydrocarbons?

Yes, UAE’s dependence on hydrocarbons is disadvantageous in terms of FDI.