Waste Management Factory to Open in RAK January 2019

by Zaara 13, Mar 2019

Ras Al Khaimah is one of the Emirates of the UAE, located on the northernmost side of the nation, known for its abundance in manufacturing industries. By January 2019, RAK is set to have a mega waste management factory, a very significant requirement in present times.

Waste management refers to all those activities, efforts and actions undertaken to appropriately handle waste and garbage from the initial stages of its creation to final stages of disposal and eventually reusing and recycling. In comparison with all the other Emirates, Ras Al Khaimah stands at higher heights when it comes to waste outputs. Essentially, RAK is crowded with manufacturing industries ranging from cement manufacturing to ceramics manufacturing industries and stone manufacturing industries. Fundamentally, those industries which have high inputs and a much greater volume of wastes and residual substances. Thus, the concept of waste management was brought into picture. The adoption of management techniques was sought to be a necessity for the Emirate more than ever. With problems associated with trash and garbage on a steep rise in Ras Al Khaimah, now was deemed the best time to brainstorm new initiatives to manage waste.

Following this philosophy, RAK is listed to establish a mega waste management factory, in a cooperative endeavor to reduce the nation's overall waste and hit the national target of decrease and treat untreated waste by 75% by the year 2021. The director of the department of public works in RAK, Ahmad Al Hammadi, said that the mega factory will play a key role in kick starting the country's recycling sector and its actions and attempts to reduce waste in accordance to international standards. Therefore, Al Hammadi rightly stated that the factory shall be built in much needed times when the emirate's population on a constant rise and so the facility shall be designed to efficiently manage the increasing volume of household waste.

About the Factory

The mega factory will be located in Al Qussaidat, Ras Al Khaimah, and will be built on an area of 25,000 square feet. The factory will see the deployment of high end, advanced technologies and sophisticated machinery to gather and sort through all kinds of wastes and waste materials. The latest waste management technologies such as air pressure compressors to large magnets that can separate metal items from non-metallic wastes and plastic materials will be affixed into the factory. The factory's equipment and machinery will have the capacity to precisely sort all types of wastes and organize them into lines which will be connected to a variety of pressure units designed specifically to manage specific kinds of wastes. Additionally, the new mega factory will have the capability to sort through volumes and volumes of trash. Up to 500 tonnes of wastes will be processed on a daily basis and will further be expanded and processed if necessary.

The setting up of this mega factory will lead to a vast reduction in waste outputs. Additionally, it would also bring resolve to associated problems with waste, such as a reduction in landfills and wastelands. The waste management factory will address the issues regarding waste and garbage, leading to first hand processing and management of trash and waste materials, rather than resorting to environmentally harmful short-cuts. Through this decision of setting a large waste management factory, RAK is adopting environmentally responsible methods to address the waste it generates and simultaneously accounting for its actions. RAK will emerge as an example and a role model to the other Emirates and the nations of the world.