Virtual Working Programme for Overseas Professionals in Dubai

by Zaara 28, Jul 2021

Virtual Working Programme for Overseas Professionals in Dubai

Dubai has launched a unique new initiative that allows overseas remote employees to live in Dubai while continuing to represent their employers in their home country.

The move provides remote workers – and their families – the chance to migrate to one of the world's leading tourist and industry destinations on an annual basis. Remote employees will take advantage of the emirate's vital digital infrastructure, full access, a healthy and high-quality lifestyle, global networking opportunities and zero personal income tax.

Dubai and the UAE have been credited for setting a global standard for resolving the COVID-19 pandemic. The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) awarded the Healthy Travels Stamp to Dubai in acknowledgement of its efforts to ensure the best levels of hygiene and the COVID-19 precautionary steps. The Emirate has adopted the 'Dubai Guaranteed' stamp to certify that the establishments have enforced all public health guidelines for the prevention and maintenance of COVID-19.

Besides, Dubai has an outstanding digital infrastructure validated by its No. 1 global e-infrastructure rating in the most recent Digital Quality of Life (DQL) survey. The new programme also delivers an expanded value proposition for start-ups, developers and small and medium-sized businesses.

Dubai's launch of a groundbreaking virtual work platform that enables overseas workers and their families to work remotely from home with their businesses is an innovative development, empowering professionals to take advantage of a professional-driven and creative economy. There are many benefits for overseas professionals who wish to move to Dubai-Dubai 's excellent digital infrastructure, full access, high-quality lives, global networking opportunities, and others.

As one of the world's top estate destinations, Dubai has a wide variety of housing choices to choose from. Widely recognised as a leading creative centre, the region also has excellent co-working rooms, with versatile packages ranging from hourly meeting room prices to weekly, monthly or quarterly bookings.

Why Work Remotely in Dubai?

Dubai is an interconnected city with extensive digital infrastructure. It's one of the happiest cities in the world, with a variety of civilisations from across the globe.

With sandy beaches, excellent restaurants and world-class entertainment, you're given a fantastic quality of life and a wide variety of attractions – with world-class safety and sanitation steps.

You can also have access to comfortable facilities and services and develop your career or your company.

The culture of work has been modified. Many of us don't need to share an office with friends or bosses, so why sit at home when you can work from Dubai? Take a look at some of the opportunities that are offered in Dubai.

How Does it Work?

  • Your virtual work package is available for one year.
  • It costs US$ 287 plus medical insurance with valid UAE coverage and processing fees per person.
  • You can access all the facilities you need, including telecommunications, electricity and schooling alternatives.
  • You can link to a financial hub and a skilled population of more than 200 + nationalities.


What are the Steps?

Applicants will need the following:

  • Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity
  • Health insurance with UAE coverage validity
  • Proof of Employment from a current employer with a one-year contract validity, a minimum of US$5,000 per month salary, last months’ payslip and three preceding months’ bank statements
  • Or, if a company owner, then proof of ownership of the company for one year or more, with an average monthly income of US$5,000 per month and three preceding months’ bank statements.

 *Payment of processing fee does not guarantee approval of an application

How Safe is Dubai?

Dubai is wholly committed to compliance with all rules and initiatives, ensuring that your family's welfare is our highest priority.

Tourism has reopened in Dubai due to protection and sanitation maintenance in the region – with open access to hotels, restaurants, theme parks, beaches and shopping malls.

A 'Safe Travels' stamp was awarded to Dubai by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). It honours the efforts of the Emirate to deter the dissemination of Covid-19.

Dubai has launched the 'Dubai Guaranteed' stamp to certify institutions that have adopted all required health protocols.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver both a healthy and dynamic lifestyle and a positive work-life balance.

The city, widely known as a leading entrepreneurship centre, also boasts a wealth of top co-working spaces, offering versatile packages ranging from hour-long meeting rooms to weekly, monthly or quarterly bookings. Dubai does not charge personal income tax.

As one of the world's best property destinations, Dubai provides a wide variety of residential opportunities and unique co-working spaces with versatile packages. Dubai is the first major global destination to completely open up its international MICE market, offering opportunities for networking and face-to-face interaction, which are critical factors in driving the regeneration of essential industries.

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Can I work remotely for a Dubai company?


What exactly is a remote work visa in the UAE?

A remote work visa permits you to reside in the UAE while working for your current company outside of the UAE.

How long is the remote work visa valid for?

The remote work visa is valid for one year.

What is the fee for a remote work visa?

The fee of a one-year visa in the UAE is USD 287 per applicant.

For whom is the virtual working programme designed?

 The virtual working program is designed for people living and working outside of the UAE, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.

What are the benefits of the Dubai virtual working programme?

 The Dubai virtual working program benefits are Telecommunications

  • Utilities
  • Medical and schooling
  • Seamless digital infrastructure
  • Global networking opportunities
  • Zero income tax for individuals

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