UAE’s Qualitative Initiatives for Empowering Emirati Citizens

by Zaara 13, May 2021

UAE’s Qualitative Initiatives for Empowering Emirati Citizens

The article provides you with all the critical points of qualitative policies.

  • What is the Purpose of Qualitative Policies?
  • Objectives of Policies
  • Implementation of Policies
  • Alliance with the Ministry of Education
  • Initiatives for Crucial Sectors

What is the Purpose of Qualitative Policies?

The Abu Dhabi Dialogue (ADD) organised an official meeting with relevant authorities to undertake steps for policies aiming to empower Emirati citizens.

The policies launched under the UAE initiative revolve around strengthening the platform for dialogue which act as a channel for the receiving and sending states of contractual labour within the Asian region.

Objectives of Policies

The honourable Nasser bin Thani Al Hamli, the Minister of MOHRE vividly briefed about the objectives of the policies-

  • It is vital to identify the best practices which could foster the mobility of temporary contractual labour among the states. It is expected that the proper execution would help both demander and labourers earn mutual development profits.
  • The selected package of qualitative policies along with programs is directed towards the future of work and employment. Abu Dhabi’s government needs to empower the human resource to maintain economic stability as well as the employment rate.
  • These programs would immensely help the Emirati citizen with a platform to possess the required knowledge and set of skills matching the criteria to be met by the future labour market.


The UAE has the aim of utilising the latent potential of new and sustainable economic sectors. On the implementation part, the government would invest in these plans and take appropriate measures for attracting the highly-skilled workers, thereby enhancing the employment stability and position in the UAE region.

The Future of Work” forum organised by the Abu Dhabi Dialogue was divided into three working sessions. The projects were scrutinised on the priority basis syncing to establish a human element as one of the strongest pillars of economic and social development.

In the first session, the policies undertaken were reviewed by the-

  • Employment Policy Department
  • International Labour Organization (ILO)

The second session was concentrated on consolidating the catalyst pillars boosting the skills of labour such as educational institutions and the national policies of the states.

The steps and meetings hosted by the UAE government for bringing the topic of the importance of the exchange of human resource (specifical labourers) were highly lauded by-

  • Ministry of Telecommunications
  • Foreign Employment and Sports
  • Government of Sri Lanka
  • Chair-in-Office of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue

Alliance with the Ministry of Education

The UAE’s department of Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation signed a contract of partnership with the Ministry of Education and Universities. The affiliation comes up with the project ‘Wajihni’: A National Program for educating the workers with field training and summer work.

The project  contributed to Emiratisation 360 initiatives driven to educate Emirati youth and glorify the significance and merits of being employed in the private sector.

The Wajihni project had boosted the employment rate and encouraged potential investors who want to incorporate a company in UAE. A proper match between the human resource and job skills required had benefited the labour-intensive or human resource-driven companies.

Initiatives for Crucial Sectors

Natural resources are non- renewable, and the same has made it a requirement to utilise human resources. Moreover, the citizens can adapt to the dynamic global changes can be achieved only by empowering our generations with a vital education, developed economy and innovative plans for the future.

The Economy
Implementation of national initiatives would promote non-oil foreign trade, national exports of goods, imports of goods and services and e-commerce. Mainly it has made it easier for those who have set up a company in the UAE to flourish their business.

Youth Services
Four initiatives were finalised out of them; one was titled as Youth Echoes. It is an annual report which encourages the citizens to talk their opinions out on various national matters. They can discuss their ideas with relevant decision-makers and officials.

Local Education — Emirati School
In total, four initiatives were passed. One of the initiatives is dedicated to standardising public and private schools’ educational models of UAE’s schools.

Higher Education and Scientific Research
National Standards to be followed by Higher Education Institutions for assurance of quality parameters. 

In Summation

We can conclude by saying that all the meetings were a platform for coming up with solutions to the challenges in the way of national development.

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What are the main pillars to uplift the Emirati citizen?

  • Developing economic enablers

  • Expanding possibilities in the UAE's economic climate

  • Creating a more suitable environment for business growth

  • Boosting the UAE's economy's global position are all priorities.

What is the aim of qualitative initiatives to empower Emirati citizens?

The UAE's economic environment will become more competitive, robust, and sustainable, allowing it to keep up with emerging financial trends.

What are the benefits of qualitative initiatives?

  • Economic development

  • Increase the local economy growth

  • Highlights the entrepreneurship model through the Skill-Up Academy and the Scale-Up Platform.

How to boost the local economy in the UAE, as mentioned in the qualitative initiatives?

To accelerate the family business through entrepreneurship and SMEs.

What are the academic programmes for Emirati citizens in qualitative initiatives?

  • An educational programme for school students

  • A skills development programme for university graduates

  • An entrepreneurship professional training programme

  • A programme for honouring distinguished entrepreneurs. 

How to boost the SME factor under the qualitative initiatives?

To undertake the following programmes:

  • Digital transformation

  • Joint operation and support services

  • Global expansion

  • Promoting and supporting exports and credit guarantees.

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