UAE Water Security Strategy 2036

UAE Water Security Strategy 2036

by Zaara 08, Sep 2021

The UAE Water Security Strategy 2036 was announced by the UAE Ministry of Energy and Industry in September 2017. The government decided to implement the strategy in light of disturbing reports regarding water shortages and drought crisis' plaguing neighboring regions such as parts of Africa, Saudi Arabia, etc. The situation became dire in 2018 when Cape Town had publicly announced hitting day zero, indicating that the region did not have any reserve of commercial water available for use by residents, locals, and tourists.

Aims of the Water Security Strategy 2036

The UAE has always been a global ambassador for sustainability and resource conservation to prevent a natural deficit of nature's most precious treasures. Water is similarly a cherished usable that plays a significant underappreciated role in all our lives. And in order to combat this crisis, the UAE has designed the strategy to tackle core problems as well as sub-issues that hamper the preservation and usage of water.

The Water Security Strategy 2036 aims to ensure that all UAE residents receive a proper water supply during regular instances and crises and emergencies. Apart from the primary goal, various outlined objectives to be achieved by 2036 are –

  • Reduce the total demand for water resources by 21%.
  • Increase the water productivity index to USD 110 per cubic meter.
  • Reduce the water scarcity index by three degrees.
  • Increase the reuse of treated water to 95%.
  • Increase national water storage capacity to last in the following scenarios – 2 days in the standard scenario, 16 days during emergencies, and 45 days during extreme emergencies.
  • Establishing new network lines for a more efficient supply of water.
  • Water networks will provide 91 liters of water per person per day in cases of emergency or 30 liters per person per day in cases of extreme emergencies.

Features of the Strategy

The Ministry of Energy and Industry has designed the Water Security Strategy with attention given to data gathering, analytics, analysis, and problem-solving based on numerical data acquired. This will increase efficiency and allow the Ministry to maintain an overall water reserve inventory being utilized on a per quarter basis by commercial areas and residential areas.

But to have transparency and clarity across the timeline, the policymakers decided to implement three different programs ranging from demand calculation, supply management, and emergency/crisis management. The strategy is divided into three main programs designed by the Ministry to ensure equal attention is given to all the core aims of the initiative. These three programs are –

  • Water Demand Management Programme
  • Water Supply Management Programme
  • Emergency Production and Distribution Programme

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What is the objective of water security strategy 2036?

  • Cut the total demand for water resources by 21%
  • Reduce the water shortage index by three degrees by raising the water productivity index to USD 110 per cubic meter.
  • Increase national water storage capacity by two days by increasing the reuse of treated water to 95%

What are the programmes undertaken in the water security strategy 2036?

  • The Water Demand Management Programme
  • The Water Supply Management Programme 
  • The Emergency Production and Distribution Programme.

What will be the water desalination capacity for each day?

1,590 million imperial gallons per day.

Why water security strategy 2036 was taken?

To solve the difficulties of water shortage.

What is the budget for water security strategy 2036?

12.5 billion.

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