UAE Pitches for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

by Zaara 17, Jan 2022

If the UAE is a place that fascinates you, there is much more that can be added to the list to add wings to your dreams.

It is all set to take off innovations into future success stories.

UAE is propagating strategies to bolster the economy and bridge the gap between the advancing technologies and stereotypes in ventures to create a mark on the tech ecosystem in the country and contribute to the national economy.

The Objective of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The main target of the government of the UAE is to buttress the stature of the UAE as a global hub and escalate the rate of contribution in the nation's economy.

This would build a stable ecosystem to host ventures which would grow and invest in UAE and, in turn, add up to the economy.

The cornerstone of this plan is to establish the country as a model of growth among people from around the world who look forward to starting a business setup in the UAE.

The scheme aims to serve the premium government services uninterrupted in every way possible, which would help start-ups in their initial phase and assist them in growing and expanding.

The idea is to achieve sustainability using the concept of artificial intelligence.

Insights of the Plan

There are some salient features about the scheme for the fourth industrial revolution in UAE that were predominantly focused upon like artificial intelligence, robotic healthcare, innovative education system, and genomic medicine.

  • When it comes to advancement in technology, there is a key factor influencing it, and that is education.

The innovation in learning and education will provide room for innovation and ideas to create better opportunities in the future for all the concerned fields like artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and sciences.

  • With the growing need for advanced medical facilities, it has become a necessity to get access to telemedicine and more.

With the growing research in nanotechnology and robotic healthcare, it would be easy to provide leading-edge medical solutions.

  • In order to improve the contemporary health care systems, genomic medicines are seen to improve the medical facilities and provide personalized healthcare technologies and, in turn, establish UAE as a global center for health care.

Targets of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

There are specific objectives that the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) looks forward to -

  • The application of technologies related to advanced renewable energy and bioengineering sciences to procure future reserves of food and water.
  • In the genres of financial services and transactions, the blockchain technology and digital economy should be brought into play to enhance economic security.
  • To plan future cities, the utilization of satellite data should be optimized.
  • The development of national industries in the fields of autonomous vehicle industries and robotics has also become a necessity to instigate the advanced defense industries in UAE.

Fourth Industrial Revolution Ambassador

The first ambassador for the fourth industrial revolution was announced to be appointed by the UAE cabinet.

The decision to appoint the ambassador for this program was discussed in the Global Future Council's meeting that happened between the World Economic Forum and the Government of UAE.

According to WAM, the role of an ambassador is to vanguard global relations on account of the government of UAE and also maintain global command.

This plan is seen as a move to bring about a change in the lives of people by employing technological advancements that are best in all.

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What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The 4th Industrial Revolution talks about how the increasing smart technologies, interconnectivity and how influence the way we live and our patterns.

How is the Industrial Revolution important for the UAE?

It has several benefits to offer along with the ability to connect the global community and reduce material shortages.

What are the impacts of the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Though it has several impacts, it is going to transform all the business sectors and is going to harness the physical, digital and biological sectors under one roof.

Which business sectors will benefit from the upcoming Industrial Revolution?

As a result of the revolution, almost all sectors will undergo a radical evolution but sectors like 3D printing, AI, Biotechnology etc. will reap the full.

What is the contribution of the UAE in the next Industrial Revolution?

UAE's 4th industrial revolution strategy is to establish a great presence in the global hub for the Fourth Industrial Revolution by advancing and innovating technologies.