UAE Pass - The First National Digital Identity

by Zaara 27, Oct 2021

The most recent buzz created by the UAE government has been the Smart Dubai Strategy 2021 that will shape a new future for Dubai in terms of doing business in Dubai, the standard of living, government administration and opportunities for private sector innovation. The primary move under the strategy is to create a system of citizenship recognition for all residents of Dubai through which data collection and documentation can be done for efficient and faster bureaucracy. On May 16th 2020, the Strategic Affairs Council – part of The Executive Council of Dubai answered this long pending question with the proposal of the UAE Pass, the first-ever national digital identity. The Smart Dubai Initiative 2021 is being guided by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai.

Dubai has become a buzzing business hub of the middle eastern region due to the various advancements in infrastructure, technology, government subsidies, and beneficial economic policies that encourage entrepreneurs/business owners to set up business in Dubai. Moreover, the liberal approach by the government has driven private enterprises to work in coalition with public entities to form public-private partnerships and joint venture programs to build a diverse and cohesive economy.

What is the UAE Pass?

The Dubai Council came out candid with a public announcement regarding their 100-day plan for the ‘Government Development Track’ which aims to create ‘The Digital Future’ for the citizens of Dubai. The UAE Pass system encouraged the citizens to develop a digitized identity on government servers with their unique ID, passwords and digital signatures. All the government documents would be uploaded into the accounts of the citizens for data confidentiality and administrative documentation. With the help of the UAE Pass, the citizens would be able to –

  • Avoid physically visiting government offices.
  • Access over 5000 government services through their smartphones.
  • Use digital signatures and passwords for identity verification and document authentication.
  • Sign essential government documents such as renewals, license, agreements and deeds directly from the smartphone.

With its digital signature feature and its ability to provide access to countless government services with a single set of login credentials, UAE PASS adds an element of trust to digital government transactions. The service has so far been adopted by 200,000 individuals.

The UAE Pass benefits the government in a plethora of different ways which are –

  • Improve the government service system by making it faster, efficient and convenient for all Dubai citizens.
  • Improve communication between the local residents and federal authorities.
  • Bridge the gap between the private sector and public sector, making the communication efficient for both sides, avoiding the hassle and tedious work.
  • Provide transparency to the public through the digital platform.
  • Provide services on the go without stressful paperwork and manual documentation.
  • Compile a record of citizen data and documents for various administrative purposes such as – population analysis, determining the economic status of citizens and preventing identity theft and fraud.

Her Excellency Dr Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, Director General of Smart Dubai, commented that the large scale adoption of the UAE pass would allow the government to grant generalized access to users on a variety of features such as simplifying the process of making online transactions and so on. She also described how the UAE pass is driving Dubai towards being the smartest city in the world.

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