UAE Forms Committee to Handle Impact of Corona Virus on National Economy

UAE Forms Committee to Handle Impact of Corona Virus on National Economy

by Zaara 10, Apr 2020

The government of the UAE launched a new round of economic relief packages, austerity measures, and state-backed benefits as the number of COVID-19 cases in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region grows.

A provisional committee has been set up by the Cabinet to deal with the negative impacts of coronavirus on the national economy. The Committee is chaired by Sultan Saeed Al Mansouri, Ministry of Economy. It comprises of representatives from various competent bodies, as part of government precautionary measures to tackle the consequences of the spread of the COVID-19 virus on the economy.

The move is part of the proposed measures to boost the national economy and its various activities. It follows the Cabinet's approval of a Dh16 billion stimulus economic package of initiatives to support the sustainability of businesses and provide an added impetus to the national economy, complementing the new economic packages declared by the Abu Dhabi government, Dubai and the Central Bank, totaling Dh126.5 billion.

The Committee will recommend measures to reduce the negative consequences of the COVID-19 coronavirus on the UAE’s human resources and economic sector. Additionally, it will submit its suggestions and proposal plans to the Cabinet and coordinate the execution of its proposed measures with various federal and local authorities when needed.

The Committee should emphasize the implementation of projected measures in line with their objectives. It is instructed to assess the actual impact of the proposed rules and their efficiency to deal with the economic progresses resulting from the COVID outbreak. The Committee will submit to the Cabinet weekly reports on economic developments and the economic situation under the current conditions.

Socio-Economic Impact on GCC

The rapid spread of COVID-19 illness has deeply impacted day-to-day life in GCC. The UAE has closed significant tourism and cultural destinations. Every Emirate in the UAE is taking proactive measures to fight the virus.

In Abu Dhabi, the DED   issued two separate circulars to owners of entertainment halls, including movie theatres, and videogame centers and lounges, to suspend their operations.

Dubai has also canceled all the events planned for March, with hotels asked to stop hosting wedding celebrations.

The most notable event suspension has emerged from Bahrain, which postponed the 2020 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix event.

Oman has followed the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait in temporarily closing schools and universities in the country.

It is safe to say that businesses will also have a significant impact due to close-downs of manufacturing factories, employees working from home, and no sale of products and services. The operational cost will be more than one could imagine.

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1. Which industries boosted during the covid scenario in the UAE?

The retail sector, banking, and finance industry, and the hotel and restaurants (due to the IPL).

2. Which industries were hit by the pandemic?

Oil, tourism, capital markets, etc.

3. How much did the UAE Cabinet approve for the committee to handle covid?

Dh 16 billion was approved to handle the covid impact.

4. How was creative marketing used to promote businesses during the covid times?

Improving marketing skills such as agility, building digital marketing strength, etc., helped in promoting businesses.

5. What was the contribution of the Virtual Policy Council, Dubai?

The Virtual Policy Council was a key component of the economic reset program launched by Dubai, where global thinkers and experts shared their opinions on the future economy. The government’s role in enabling the new economic actors has become central.

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