UAE Centennial 2071

by Zaara 12, May 2021

Excelling beyond its borders, the United Arab Emirates region is on the way to another landmark by 2071. With a clear vision of being one of the world’s best countries, the UAE has begun its journey by constructing the nation’s deep foundations. As a country offers humongous prospects for international investors and industry experts, the region has done well to draw global investors’ interest.

It was launched by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister, and the UAE’s Ruler at the Cabinet Meeting in 2010. The implementation would boost the nation’s growth as it would open up multiple ways to start a UAE business.

UAE Centennial 2071 aims to prepare young Emiratis for the future to ensure the stability, development, and longevity of the UAE’s ideals. It will build resilience and happiness, make it easier for future generations to succeed, and make the UAE the best nation globally.

It is a long-term, full-term strategy and a simple map of long-term government work to improve its image and soft power. The policy aims to invest in new generations by preparing them with the skills and expertise required to face global change and to make the UAE the greatest country in the world by the next centennial in 2071.

Pillars of the UAE Centennial 2071

The pillar also focuses on designing strategies to train future generations to act as UAE ambassadors and role models and encourage women's inclusion in all fields, making the UAE one of the best places to live in the world.

The plan would focus on four primary goals. The first is to build a flexible government with thoughtful leadership and a robust strategy that prioritizes people and promotes optimistic messages. The second is to invest in education, concentrate on advanced IT, and develop discipline and ethics in educational institutions. The third is the creation of a diversified, internationally competitive economy. The fourth is the consolidation of the principles of peace, social stability, and respect of society within a holistic development strategy to make the UAE the best nation globally.

The UAE Centennial 2071 is based on four pillars as follows:

1. Forward-looking Government

The government should be actively driven and operated in line with the long-term goal of achieving social welfare, providing optimistic messages to the world through best practices. The UAE's national strategy is to improve soft power, diversify government revenue sources, and ensure sustained investment and financial revenues that are less dependent on oil. The Government should also develop a framework to track developments in various fields, measure their effects on future generations, and promote youth engagement in these processes, policies, and initiatives. Youth will engage in the process by becoming advisory boards in all government sectors, enabling young administrators the lead management and administration.

Other purposes include achieving social satisfaction and distributing complimentary messages locally and internationally, establishing frameworks for tracking long-term factors in multiple fields, and evaluating their effect on future generations. When selecting development policies, the Youth Advisory Boards shall be set up to recognize young people’s viewpoints. Importantly, establishing an appropriate governance structure to monitor the execution and success of the UAE Centennial 2071 is a key priority.

2. Future-Oriented Education

Regarding education, UAE Centennial 2071 highlights the importance of excellent quality of education. It is accomplished by improving the teaching of advanced science and technology, particularly space, architecture, invention, and medical and health sciences, cultivating moral standards and optimistic attitudes that maintain educational institutions’ standard of professionalism. Students shall be exposed to experiments in developing countries by showing them the history, culture, and society of other countries and teaching new languages.

Schools must be turned into global research centers and hubs for innovation and creativity, allowing students to explore their unique talents at an early level. This transition will encourage a continuous learning process, ensuring that UAE universities are among the best global universities, drawing students, scholars, and researchers from around the world to empower future generations with the skills and expertise required for the future.

Dedicated zones like Dubai Healthcare City (DHC) stand as an ideal destination that encourages the medical sector to rise in the UAE region. Business investors and professionals who want to establish a medical business in UAE can choose DHC as their ultimate business stop. To start a clinic in Dubai, you need to acquire a private clinic license provided by the respective government authorities and act as a license for your business to carry out the business activities.

3. Diversified and Knowledge-based Economy

The UAE economy’s objective is to be competitive and one of the world’s best economies. It can be accomplished through various mechanisms, including raising the UAE economic productivity level, enabling national businesses to migrate abroad, investing in research and development in attractive markets, concentrating on advanced and innovation-based industries.

The other strategies include developing forward-looking national economic and industrial design that put the UAE among the world’s leading economies. Growing and training a generation of UAE inventors and scientists, promoting their contributions to the advancement of science and technology, collaborating with developing countries in this respect enhance the level of professionalism among UAE nationals. The strategy also promotes national products and services to different world areas through tailored and intensive projects and supports leading UAE firms’ models.

4. A Happy and Cohesive Society

It can be achieved by upholding the ideals of peace and unity, modesty, respect, and devotion to the homeland. Empowering young men and women, making pleasure a lifestyle, delivering high-quality health and sports programs, steering human resources towards unity and collaboration would be among the top goals of the government's plan. Other programs will seek to raise awareness among families to meet the requirements of the next level. Other initiatives will be designed to enable future generations to present and represent a successful model for the UAE abroad and, most importantly, to rally the Emiratis around their country.

Its curriculum contains the following:


  • Enhance the reputation of the nation
  • Diversification of imports and exports by depending less on oil
  • Investment in emerging technology curriculum
  • Building Emirat principles and ethics for future generations
  • Increase the productivity of the national economy
  • Enhancing the stability of society

The UAE-2071 centennial vision, with its four pillars, takes into account several considerations, the most prominent of which are the following:

1. Not to be Affected by Low Oil Prices

Like other GCC nations, the UAE culture is used to a lifestyle that the state still aims to uphold and improve. It also works to ensure a happier life for future generations without being influenced by the decline in oil prices. The UAE has done this by diversifying its resource-based economy, providing diverse non-oil government sales, and paying careful attention to creativity and new ideas in all industries.

2. Interrelatedness and Interdependence

These are the two main aspects of strategic thinking. The vision is focused on a sequence of initiatives that complement each other, forming pilot projects and transition cycles that contribute to the desired outcomes. Pilot projects work for the growth of a diversified economy, the advancement, and modernization of education. Transformation procedures are administrative initiatives made by an agile, educated government and familiar with the new plans. This vision is a cohesive society with standards of life and protection and looks to the future with optimism.

Within these successive stages, updating and diversification of the economy can only be achieved by increasing intellectual wealth dependency rather than the traditional economy’s natural resources. Hence, it needs a different educational system. The goals can not be pursued together, except by very creative and agile management to deal with changing changes and technologies.

3. Political Leadership

In recent years, it has supported such initiatives, sought to improve the State's capability, and ensure sustained growth and happiness for decades. Suppose those skills have been established through the use of oil proceeds in recent years. In that case, the government can further enhance them through a more diversified economy and new ideas and initiatives that lead to increased wealth.

4. Opening the door to Future Generations to create their Future

The UAE’s leadership aims to empower these generations with a religious tradition that keeps pace with the current developments; and provides them with the skills and expertise required to cope with rapid change.

The UAE has recently announced the opening of the 2071 Sector, in line with the UAE centennial of 2071, as a significant move forward in shaping its future. The four foundations of this strategy and acts, decisions, regulations, interventions, and initiatives would substantially affect the various institutions in the coming years. This long-term vision seeks to invest mainly in the UAE’s youth and strives to ensure a happy life and a healthier climate for future generations to make the nation a creativity model that serves humanity and addresses future challenges.

In short, you can see that the nation has taken a range of steps to develop itself as one of the best countries to take a holistic view. Some business owners and developers choose to benefit from these benefits by integrating their business into the UAE. By starting your company in the field, you will apply a foreign brand tag to your firm. The government is in the process of creating a country as one of the world's business-friendly countries. It is advisable to proceed ahead with the advice prescribed by an experienced company analyst.

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What is UAE centennial 2071?

It’s an initiative by the UAE government for the holistic development of United Nations Arab, such that it becomes the best country in the world.

Best in terms of -

  • Economy
  • Ease Of Living
  • Happiness
  • Security
  • Education
  • Governance

How we citizens will benefit from the UAE Centennial 2071 plan?

The aim of the centennial is to make UAE the best country in the world. There are 4 pillars to achieving it -

  • Flexible government with powerful leadership that will take the society towards a better future.

  • Raising the bar for quality education by training students in the most advanced & futuristic skills throughout their career, thus preparing them for a successful career.

  • Pushing students to explore domains outside their mainstream subjects from an early age thus helps them discover their true calling even before starting their career. The aim is to make schools the hub for research, innovation & creativity.

  • Working towards increasing the happiness quotient of the overall nation. This is done by prioritizing health and encouraging participation in sports and organizing programs for increasing awareness among people. All directly or indirectly helping people lead a happy life.

What are the 4 most important goals for UAE Centennial 2071?

The 4 pillars are as follows -

  • Great Governance
  • Quality Education for everyone
  • Happy Citizens
  • Largest Economy

How will the education sector get impacted by UAE Centennial 2071?

The quality of teaching will get a boost as new & futuristic technologies will be integrated for maximizing the learning curve for students. 

Students will be encouraged to explore other domains outside the subjects they’re studying. This will create a fire for learning, exploring & innovation. This will help students discover their true calling very early in life.

There are going to be collaborations with foreign companies, universities, and research centers which will give students great exposure, build their professional attitude, & also help them stay up to date with the changing world. This will help students stay relevant in the long run.