UAE Adopts the Government Communication Strategy

by Zaara 13, Jan 2022

Geared towards a positive future when it comes to decision making by the government and all-around performance, the UAE government launches the Government Communication Strategy 2017-2021.

This strategy aims to bridge the gap between the government and society by sustaining a two-way communication channel between the two.

It is a strategy built to fabricate ideas and develop innovations specially planned for five years to foster new businesses in the UAE.

The Target of the Government Communication Strategy

There are specific strategies that the government communication strategy aims to fulfil, including -

  • Enhancing communication -

It is one of the most crucial steps that need to be considered while contemplating the government communication strategy.

The communication between all the sectors and the government needs to be dynamic.

  • Inculcating Values -

The strategy aims to infuse patriotic values.

  • Reinforce objectives -

The government communication strategy intends to support the goals of Vision 2021 and the National Agenda.

  • Widen reach with media -

The strategy aims to expand outreach with media outlets.

  • Portray the image of government -

It is a very important step involved in the strategy, which focuses on building effective management of the image of the government over different communication platforms.

Approval of the government communication strategy

Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, approved the government communication strategy at the Presidential Palace during a cabinet meeting.

The meeting was held in the presence of Shaikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, and Lieutenant General Shaikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.

Objectives to be Focused Upon

There has been a significant change in the priorities of people when it comes to versatility in dealing with ever-changing prototypes and also global scenarios that are revolutionizing every day. All these concerns were brought to light by

Shaikh Mohammad.

The most integral part of the decision-making process is the government communication strategy; thus, it is expected to be seen in influence from the year 2021.

Communication is seen as a pillar to connect the government with the audience, both global and local. Therefore, the communication strategy is attracting initiatives that are primarily innovation driven from around the world.

The main objective is to buttress the vision of UAE 2021 and simultaneously reinforce the two-way communication channel between the people and the government.

Shaikh Mohammad said that the third edition of the government communication strategy would aim to enhance comprehensive government conduct and functioning.

He added that there are several factors that pitch into the success of the five-year government communication strategy, including the government, general public, media outlets, private sectors, and also social media users.

Other Subjects at Glance

Under the chairmanship of Shaikh Mansour, the cabinet of UAE has also consented to the restructuring of the Soft Power Council of UAE.

It has also approved the membership of officials and ministers in the local and federal government departments.

The core objective is to strengthen the UAE Soft Power, both at the regional and international levels.

According to the plan, various important initiatives like outlining the general policy, developing a strategy for the Soft Power, maintaining initiatives, and approaching all these key points would be managed by the council itself.

Apart from the Soft Power project, the cabinet has also approved developing the Continuing Education Centres in UAE.

The primary rationale for the initiative is to expand the continuing education program and deliver diverse educational opportunities to all.

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Which department is responsible for maintaining the communication strategy in the UAE?

The Government Communication Department (GCD).

What is the strategy undertaken by the Government Communication Strategy?

To increase the internal and external communication following the Dubai Government Communication Office instructions.

What is the vision of the Government Communication Strategy UAE?

To have the most innovative and influential government communication by 2021.

What are the sectors included in the Government Communication Strategy?

  • Government entities

  • The private sector

  • Media outlets

  • The general public

  • Social media users

What are the pillars of the Government Communication Strategy?

  • The significance of research and evaluation

  • Mediums of effective communication

  • Observing public opinion

  • Building trust

  • A transparent interaction with civil society institutions is essential.

  • Collaborating with the media