Transportation Mobility Management Strategy: Aim, Benefits and Objectives

by Zaara 13, Sep 2021

The Abu Dhabi Department of Transport blew the gaff and announced the initiative of the masterplan: Transportation Mobility Management Strategy.

As per the report, Abu Dhabi’s population gets doubled in number every decade. With an increasing number of people, the number of transports on roads have multiplied too. The people of Abu Dhabi are expected to rise from two million in 2008 to 10 million by 2030. That’s indeed a significant growth. The increasing population rate in Abu Dhabi had persuaded the government to consider the situation of road traffic and blockages.

What is Transportation Mobility Management Strategy?

The strategy revolves around the identification and utilization of a sustainable mode of transport. To boost up the effectiveness, TMM is aligned with a similar project named: Surface Transport Master Plan.

Objectives of the Plan

·     It is mainly to persuade Emiratis to change their attitude and habit of using private transports.

·     The Abu Dhabi government has the vision to create a transport network and system which is accessible for travellers.

·     To sustain the environment by preferring public vehicles to private mode. It would help in the reduction of traffic and congestion on roads.

·     A planned transport network and efficient use of land, to satiate the mobility needs of the public. Thus, a well-organized multimodal public vehicle network would immensely contribute to interconnection and interoperability of linked transport networks.

·     To meet the goals of environmental integrity, social equality and economic competence.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and tThreats (SWOT) Analysis

The situations in Abu Dhabi were opportunities-driven for the TMM strategy. To have an understanding of various aspects of the plan, we would briefly talk and highlight the SWOT analysis.


·     The project requires fewer resources; it relies explicitly on infrastructure development

·     Successful implementation and execution would result in long-lasting behavioural change in Emiratis

·     Reduction in congestion and would deliver associated benefits

·     A transport network can be seen revolutionizing because of TMM elements


·     The restricted and limited function of the strategy without supporting infrastructure

·     The TMM strategy comprises of many measures, which may take a long time to deliver effective and productive results

·     For short term measures to be effective, the change in current culture and attitudes is a prerequisite and necessary condition

·     For a better result-oriented strategy, TMM should target a specific group. Because of a mix of demographics, Abu Dhabi’s government has to spend a lot of money on research and resources on segmentation of sets.


·     Establishing the foundation of vision and proactive approach implemented by the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group

·     Sense of responsibility for citizens to be answerable for the fulfilment of their social obligation

·     Encouragement towards using an eco-friendly mode of vehicles.  The DoT took the initiative of Walking and Cycling Master Plan

·     It has created an opportunity for boosting Abu Dhabi’s economy, which holds the potential of development of diverse economic segments.

·     The requirement of robust infrastructure and vehicles possess the potential of increasing the employment rate and investment from those who want to incorporate a business in Abu Dhabi.


·     Unfavourable climate for walking and cycling

Emiratis face the problem of an uncertain climate in Abu Dhabi. Specifically, European countries

experience a related situation in the winter, and the weather tends to be extremely cold, snowy and icy

The government has taken measures to overcome this problem. TMM initiatives are customized and tailored as to fit the different seasons say for, walking and cycling in winter.

Thus, the Emiratis can adapt to the latest modes in an accessible and easy way.

·     Road safety issues

Road safety issues can be addressed and solved by utilizing the power of education and enforcement when combined.

Measures such as-

o  road safety training and campaigns

o  strict enforcement of standards

o  punishments for violation

The Task 4 Report of Organizational, Legislative and Administrative Requirements under Section 5 have stated various policies and regulations for improving road safety for pedestrians and cyclists. A single- focused sub-plan has been undertaken by the government, namely; Abu Dhabi Walking and Cycling Master Plan.

How is TMM Beneficial to the Automobile Industry?

The TMM strategy revolves around contributing to both improved health of people as well as of the environment. The Abu Dhabi Environment vision focuses on encouraging Emiratis to use vehicles that generate low- carbon and other pollutants emission. However, the mainstream is to use public transport mode potentially.

The TMM is seen as an opportunity for those who want to set up a company in Abu Dhabi’s automobile and electronic industry.

There is a promising rise in demand for both electric and hybrid cars and bikes. Moreover, E-cycle is also coming into the market. Not only this but using natural gas-driven vehicles are also in high demand.

Thus, setting up a business in Abu Dhabi’s automobile industry and introducing an innovative product would help you contribute to the government’s vision and goals stated in the UAE National Agenda 2021.

 In Summation

The Department of Transport (DOT) have taken a revolutionary step for transforming the transport system and the habits of preferring private transport to the public mode of Abu Dhabi’s residents.

You, as an entrepreneur and potential investor, can take advantage of TMM by incorporating a company in Abu Dhabi’s likely related sectors. Thus, it is a wise decision to consult professional business consultants.

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