Tourism Business in Dubai

by commitbizadmin 10, Jan 2022

The tourism company stands as one of the highest-performing sectors in the UAE. Dubai, located at the heart of the UAE, is considered one of the world's fastest-growing cities. 

Dubai is an eye-catching location, gathering foreign ex-pats from every possible corner, whether at museums, international conferences, event management, or even international sports events.

The area unites millions of tourists from different parts of the world, becoming a popular tourist destination. The massive demand for the tourism business in Dubai is due to the nation’s huge efforts to enhance the sector. 

How to Start a Tourism Company in Dubai?

Regarded as one of the most vibrant travel hubs in the world, Dubai has capabilities like infrastructure and modern means of technology, communication, and transportation, which have helped it succeed in the global tourism map.

If how to start a tourism company in Dubai is your constant question, we have brought you the answer. 

Trade Name and Activity

Choose a name for your company and register the name with Dubai DED. Finalize the type of tourism company and the activities should be noted

Submit the Documents

Decide on the location whether to set up in the mainland or free zone and submit the set of necessary documents.

Get your License

Obtain the license. There are three types of licenses; choose one regarding your business activity. 

Document Verification

Verification of Documents by the concerned authorities should be done later when the authorities approve the documents.

Fee Payment

Complete all the formalities and pay the prescribed fees.

Tourism license cost in Dubai 

The tourism license cost in Dubai starts from AED 35000 inclusive of all fee types. The higher the type and number of visas or depending upon the other requirements, the cost will be.

Reasons to Start Tourism Business in Dubai

There is an n number to start a tourism business in Dubai and we have managed to reflect some of them.

Home of Millions of Expats

The heart of the UAE, Dubai, is home to millions of foreign ex-pats and has been remarked as one of the biggest multicultural cities in the world. The population of Dubai stands dynamic, and the community uses multiple transport options. 

2. Worldwide Tourist Hub

Dubai falls under the category of the world’s most visited city by tourists. Iconic landmarks and events like Dubai Shopping attract millions of tourists frequently. The region can be termed an evergreen tourist destination, paving the way for business setup in Dubai.

3. Tax-Free Scenario

Dubai has a tax-free scenario. Business owners are free of paying taxes, and that turns out to be one of the eye-catching factors that most of the owners.

4. Easy Availability of Tourism License

Entering into the Tourism domain, the tourism business demands a tourism license that the Department of Tourism Authority of Dubai will approve. 

5. Growth of Different Types of Tourism

Medical Tourism is one growing sector that has leveraged the tourism industry. The region turns out to be an ideal destination for patients who are seeking international treatments. 

Marine tourism is another evolving ground in the Tourism sector, and Dubai is heading on its way of establishing itself as a Marine Tourist Spot. 

6. Increasing avenues beyond the Oil industry
Post the peak of the oil era in the UAE, which happened sometime in the 80s to mid-90s; the government has diversified into other avenues - Aviation, Trade, Financial services, IT, and Tourism.

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What does the inbound travel business imply in the Dubai Emirate?

The inbound travel business implies that non-residents visit the country. We may say in plain language that the company of the inbound travel operator ends up dealing with foreigners.

Which services are managed by a travel agency in UAE?

Multiple services such as visa provision, accommodation services, holiday and pilgrimage packages, personalized packages, etc., are managed by a travel agency.

How is the growth of ride-sharing becoming useful in the Emirates?

The growth of ride-sharing helps the general public and people who want to gain extra money.

How can one start small in UAE guided tours?

Those willing to start small can build a website and blog around a central theme such as food or art and give a guided tour of their city based on their chosen niche, visiting central locations.

How are the activity organizers benefitted in Dubai?

It can be socially and economically advantageous to throw welcoming parties, private gatherings, and mixers. An activity organizer can create communities, forums, and content to connect travellers with locals.