Top 7 Apps To Digitize Business Support Process

Top 7 Apps To Digitize Business Support Process

by Zaara 29, May 2019

Business automation is the process of transforming traditional work process by leveraging the maximum technological advancement. There are two different dimensions of business automation; one is customer-centric automation, and another is internal process automation. Business process automation can facilitate increased productivity and revenue regardless of their sizes. Here are the top 5 automation apps for small enterprises:

Simple CRM

Customer-centric automation process starts from a lead like a general query or specific interest. Simple CRM is the coolest Customer Relationship Management app that automates the process by nurturing a lead, tracking communication, and managing interactions between existing and potential customers. It also helps enterprises to analyze customer behavior, designing marketing plans, understanding, and forecasting sales trend that accelerate effective decision-making.

Personnel Database

Human resources are considered as the life of any enterprise. Their personal and demographic data, designation, job location, contact details, emergency contact information, and preferences need to be stored for so many reasons. Personnel Database is a simple app for maintaining employee database that is easily accessible by employees according to the right permission. For example, if you know the preferences of your employees’ (favorite coffee shop, or kid’s birthday) and celebrate special occasions surprising them it will impact on his dedication to your company.

Expense Tracker

Operating expenses of any business directly impact on the Profit and Loss statement. Expense tracker app records the operative costs of enterprises and provides the analytics. Management can quickly check the different heads of expenses and take controlling measures if necessary. Because expenses can impact on the costing of products or services provided by the enterprise that drives the sales. For example, if the quality of 2 different products remains the same, then the price influences the consumers. Usually, consumers are intended to buy a cheaper one.

Fleet Manager

The efficiency level of logistics and distribution-based businesses depends mostly on proper vehicle management. Fleet Manager app might be the best solution for assigning tasks, scheduling maintenance, tracking location and fuel consumption, storing driver’s identification and assigning drivers for vehicles. It also allows the provisions of integrating biometric authentication for identifying drivers that secure enterprises from risking the vehicle and company reputation.

Visitor Track

Any organization needs to maintain several visitors every day for different reasons. Replacing the traditional register/ logbook method, Visitor Track facilitates the managing visitors by creating an appointment, automating check-in/ out process, issuing a digital badge, and identifying the right person. It eliminates the use of stationery and dedicated human resource for managing visitors and appointments. The system helps to increase productivity and reduce administrative expenses.

Contract Management

No business can run alone by its resources, and that’s why it needs to deal with other parties like suppliers/ vendors, distributors, agents, and so on. Doing business together is always great if it is possible to maintain appropriately. To maintain a formal business relationship with other parties, a business agreement or contract plays a vital role. A contract management app manages all business contracts and notifies the concerned people regarding the deadlines that assure continuous business process.

Issue Tracker

An organization needs to deal with many issues every day to operate its business. Issue Tracker app facilitates the internal working process tracking the issues raised by employees, notifying concerned persons to solve the problems, showing analytics of the topics raised, solved, and unsolved. It increases the efficiency of the business process, tracking the issues, identifying the frequently raised concerns, and building accountability.

The apps mentioned above can accelerate any businesses growth by automating business processes and providing the flexibility of remote operation with the help of web and mobile applications. All of them are also available at an affordable SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) pricing model, which eliminates the need for any substantial IT investment & maintenance cost. You can subscribe to any single app or the full Office Automation Suite right now, according to your current business needs and expand later.

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