Top 6 Marketing Strategies to Excel Your Business in Dubai

by Zaara 08, Apr 2020

Over the last few years, Dubai has positioned itself as the regional hub for fashion entrepreneurs, designers, stylists, and international retail brands. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) home-grown talent is synonymous with being highly dynamic and innovative and has managed to thrive in a continually evolving fashion scene.

So, what runs the unstoppable Dubai? The answer is – anything and everything that has global appeal, delivers value and does not face the fear of exhaustion like crude oil. To sum it all, something which is ultimately good for business setup in Dubai. That’s what Dubai runs on!

Dubai’s Fashion Market

Dubai’s clothing market consists of both domestic and export-related activities. The majority of Dubai’s population is Arab, with around 5% comprised of employees from the Eastern countries, with a smaller sized percentage of migratory business people taking full-time residency. The second sector of the clothing business in Dubai is comprised of an export market. As a result of the lively and open business networks that exist in Dubai, and its prime gulf site, wholesale apparel is exported throughout the Middle East, and regarding Africa and Turkey.

Business Opportunities in the Fashion Industry of Dubai

If you are a fashion fanatic and want to establish your career in this sector, the world of business opportunities is waiting for you! All you need is a business idea, a secure network, and you are good to go. We bet these five low-investment opportunities in the fashion industry of Dubai will enthral you to start your venture today. Have a look!

1.Fashion Consulting Business

A fashion consulting business is an excellent option for an outgoing, perceptive person with an eye for fashion. It can be a predominantly unique opportunity for those with broad retail experience who find they enjoy working with customers and curating looks. With no requirement of formal education, a degree in a fashion-related field can help enhance your reputation when first starting out.

2.Fashion Blogger

Social media is the basis of inspiration for many. It has caused a disruption in every facet of our life. As we specifically talk about Dubai, the same holds for this city of millennials. The hub of all high-end fashion brands from all over the world, fashion bloggers can write about anything and everything- from game-changing to remotely related events happening in the fashion world, just by scanning through the Dubai malls.

3.Personal Styling Business

An own styling business in Dubai is ideal for someone with prior experience in fashion, cosmetics, hair-care, and related field. Startup expenses for a personal styling company are low. You can usually get things up and running for less price, with the bulk of that going toward native advertising. Earning potential will vary greatly depending on location and how many customers you’re able to handle at once.

4.A Dedicated Free Zone

Dubai Design District is the Free zone in Dubai dedicated to the design and fashion industry. , the free zone is home to companies large and small, from local boutique design studios to prestigious global fashion houses. This design free zone in Dubai is a global design and fashion hub and taps into the huge potential of the luxury fashion and interior design industry.

5.Costume Rental

Currently, individuals from all over the globe are rushing to Dubai. Reason being the lucrative career opportunities that the city offers. So while they are busy in their work lives, spending time and money on buying all the fancy clothes for office parties and other social gatherings can be a nagging task.  So, if you know what the world fashion is all about, you can open your store or collection that can offer rental services to this population.

6.Fashion Event Planner

From breathtaking skydiving to nail-biting desert safari ride, Dubai has it all. But beyond this upbeat way of recreation, Dubai is known to conduct one of the most popular events. So if you have a flair for planning and styling, collaborating with fashion designers and modelling agencies can take you places in Dubai.

All in all, we've come a long way from the days when the only sought-after jobs in fashion were photographer, designer, or model. Individuals wanting to work in fashion today have a plethora of career options tailor-made to fit their expertise. If the fashion world excites you, then there is a unique opportunity within, waiting for you to make it yours. We at Commitbiz can help you set up your clothing store in Dubai. Our business experts have every knowledge needed to register your business in Dubai. Contact us today- we’d be happy to assist you.


What does the second sector of Dubai’s clothing business consist of?

It comprises an export market.

What is the annual growth rate of the industry by 2025 in the UAE?


What are the digital marketing strategies to increase Dubai fashion industry sales?

The strategies are content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and marketing to the right audience.

How did ‘sustainable fashion Dubai’ come to light?

It came to light as the dark side of the industry got revealed which includes the planetary issues endangering human existence.

Which license is required for incorporating a fashion business?

A trade license must be obtained from the Department of Economic Development, Dubai.