Top 4 Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Returns

by Zaara 31, Jul 2020

Top 4 Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Returns

The corporate world is a cohesive and variable ecosystem of small and large businesses that earn profits in a definitive manner as per their expenditure. Many researchers often make observations based on income patterns of small and large companies that small businesses with minor investments make more profit in percentage to their investment and large corporations make lower profits in exchange for significant investments. Although, the choice of making a profit or trading it for more substantial market share is also a critical decision that top managers take to keep their business afloat. Because even they are aware of the temporary validity of monetary profit and the long-term benefit of a dominant market share, but amidst all the different kinds of business ideas, the ones that this article presents are the most investment-friendly business ideas for the investors pocket. They have also observed a pattern of earning healthy profits in their respective sectors pertaining to the fact that the managers put in the effort to provide quality service to their consumers. For the sake of more observative research, all business ideas will be targeted towards the UAE market. This approach will not only give a fair idea to neighbouring business locations but will also favour aspiring entrepreneurs in the target region to set up business in the UAE.

What is a Low Investment High Return Business Idea?

As the name suggests, a low investment business idea is the description of the product or service which takes less amount of investment from the company's capital to distribute to the consumer but does not bleed out money instead gains more returns compared to the amount that was invested. Many businesses which are more abundant in market stature bleed out excess investments due to the demanding product or service in departments like Research and Development. But the following business ideas are promised to be pure both in terms of execution as well as implementation and fetch a healthy sum of returns for new business owners –

1. Event Management

Weddings, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events and Family Gatherings; you name the event and to make it a huge success, an event manager will be the need of the hour in desperate times. The business demands a lot of physical inclusion by the managers both in terms of bringing personnel together for organizing events as well as having a proper network of enterprises from where the event manager can outsource secondary services. These services include activities such as decorations, food, and so on. Majority of the funding comes from the client's preliminary advance payment through which venues are booked, and resources are outsourced. Co-ordinating between these various organizing activities is the responsibility of the event manager. Post the completion of the event; the event manager collects the pending payment from the client to reimburse professional investments and retain a certain amount as profits. Thus, the event management sector in the UAE is ever-growing.

2. Digital Marketing Services

The advent of Digital Marketing is dominating markets across all industries because the concept of digital marketing encompasses marketing strategies such as –

  • Social Media Promotions
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Advertisements
  • Advertising on Website inventory spaces
  • Brand Building

Companies across various sectors want information regarding their services to reach the consumer market through content generation and across digital platforms. The entire package is provided by digital marketing firms which devise campaigns and strategies to make sure that a lump sum amount of digital traffic (consumers searching for relevant topics). This strategy is implemented to attract online consumers to the client website, thereby ensuring proper market exposure and an increase in sales. The digital marketing firm charges a specific commission from the client company based on the traffic that the company is generating for the clients.  A subtle nod to the investment aspect of the company suggests that digital marketing firms primarily require the right personnel with proper technical expertise to carry out the various activities. The important qualities that a digital marketing firm should look for in potential employees are technical finesse as well as creativity to devise and execute digital campaigns.

3. Transit Logistics and Delivery Services

Imagine you forget an important file at home while on your way to work, but you can't turn back and collect the said file. As a consumer, what if you had the liberty to use an electronic device to connect with an inter-city logistics cum delivery service via a phone call, website and application and do the work for you. Because of transit restrictions, the service would be restricted to limitations per city. The customer could complete various tasks via the help of a logistical outsourcing service such as –

  • Food delivery from restaurants
  • Door-to-door domestic delivery
  • Delivery of packages ordered from E-commerce websites
  • Logistics services in the UAE

4. Business Consultancy Services

The sector for consultancy requires professionals that research the market daily and are aware of the corporate environment, business law and the employment availability status in their target regions. The consulting firm must invest time and a certain amount of finances in training junior managers in various corporate skills as well as tools to use for managerial activities such as – programming languages, client management strategies, commission pricing policies and detailed market research.

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