Top 10 Tourism Business Ideas in Dubai

by commitbizadmin 10, Jan 2022

Top 10 Tourism Business Ideas in Dubai

One of the world's most successful tourist attractions is Dubai, the heart of the UAE. Every year from every corner of the globe, the count has continuously increased. This demand has given business owners and investors multiple opportunities to move forward and expand their business. The incorporation of a tourism company in Dubai enables the respective owners to gain enormous profits, and has thus emerged as one of the booming industries.The tourist business can go ahead if you are an entrepreneur or a business owner looking to open a business in Dubai.

However, it is to be noted that the tourism business itself has got many segments in it. This blog will take you through the different tourism business ideas in Dubai. Before we proceed to the various segments, let’s have a look at the top sources that leverage the Dubai Tourism Industry.

Top 10 Source Market for Dubai Visitors

There has been a steady growth in foreign visitors, according to the Dubai Tourism Report 2019. Here are the top ten sources:



Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


United Kingdom






Travel is becoming more and more available to individuals from all over the world as technology continues to advance. The tourism industry has grown, enabling people to capitalise on available resources, generating revenue streams where there were once none. In the tourism industry, we have ten profitable business prospects.

1. Inbound Travel Agent

The inbound travel business implies that non-residents visit the country. We may say in plain language that the company of the inbound travel operator ends up dealing with foreigners. This company stands out as a prosperous one, as you can see that foreign nationals are growing constantly. As Expo 2020 is on the way, which is intended to draw more than 25 million visitors, the inbound travel operator market is on the way to spike up. So, if you have an idea about the travel industry and are interested in dealing with international customers, then you can continue with the inbound travel business.

2. Outbound Travel Agent

Outbound travel, just like the inbound travel company, means that the country's citizens enter the country. Another booming ground in the industry globally that focuses on targeting nationals is the outbound travel operator market. As we know that the UAE is a group of seven Emirates, there is a continuous rise in the growth of outbound travel. You need to send absolute essentials to the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing to start a business in the outbound and inbound segments.

3. Travel Agency

The next segment that could be targeted is the travel agency market, where multiple services such as visa provision, accommodation services, holiday and pilgrimage packages, personalised packages, etc can be managed. Offering a variety of services tends to draw more clients, as well as helps to significantly maintain previous customers. You need to hold a travel agency licence issued by the UAE government authorities, to start a travel agency company.

4. Lodging

The demand for non-traditional accommodation has provided a simplified method for landowners to generate additional revenue sources with the advent of free market hospitality platforms.

When landing in a new or international city, finding a safe place to sleep is the highest and foremost priority for most travellers. Often a hotel room is simply not due; especially when it comes to travelling with families or big parties.Landowners thus have the rare opportunity to sell homes, condos, studios, and tree houses for short-term leases! Renting property can provide a reliable income stream, particularly if you live in a town that sees a lot of tourists or has a unique form of property to sell to the general public.

5. Ride Sharing

Companies such as Uber and Lyft act as a perfect alternative to conventional shuttle and taxi services. Furthermore, they provide the ability for people to make money at their own rate.

Being able to get around quickly and easily is crucial when visiting a new or unfamiliar area. The growth of ride-sharing helps not just the general public, but also people who want to gain extra money. In addition, because ride-sharing is such an interpersonal experience, you can use your awareness and knowledge of your environment to serve as a buffer or tour guide to generate an additional income stream!

6. Guided Tours

Who better to help someone get to know and experience a new city or area than someone who has lived for a significant period of time there.

Even further, it takes very little money to build a company around the idea of guided tours. Those willing to start small can build a website and blog around a central theme such as food or art and give a guided tour of their city based on their chosen niche, visiting central locations.

7. Luggage Delivery Service

Forgetting a bag is the worst nightmare of any passenger, waiting around for luggage or worse. Luggage distribution systems are aimed at making such problems a thing of the past.

It can be an efficient way to break into the tourism sector to establish a luggage delivery service and it provides many entry points. You can get in on the ground floor by launching a personal luggage delivery/recovery service if you don't have the money or investors to start a full-fledged service.

Generally operating a luggage delivery service means receiving luggage at the baggage claim and delivering it to the customer, saving them the time and trouble of having to wait for it or worse, having to return the airport delayed for a suitcase.

8. Eco and Urban Excursions

Guided tours through both lush nature preserves and urban developments have become increasingly popular, producing another accessible source of income for those in the tourism industry who are looking to make a profit.

Eco- and urban tourism can be added to this list for those searching for lucrative business opportunities in the tourism industry. A relatively low amount of capital is needed to start this type of travel. In addition, by creating content during tour outings, anyone with a passion for photography will generate an additional source of revenue.

9. Souvenir Shop

The emergence of eCommerce has made it possible to succeed online with the essence of brick and mortar specialty stores.

Those who want to make a profit from home can set up an online hub to resell local niche goods that allow customers to buy items that were once unavailable. In addition, the size of the market (different regions) accounts for the prosperity of a number of future business owners.

10. Activity Organizer

It can be both socially and economically advantageous to throw welcoming parties, private gatherings and mixers geared towards integrating locals with travellers.

Social networking has developed to allow connections across the world. A potential entrepreneur can create communities, forums, and content aimed at connecting travellers with locals and promoting activities aimed at familiarising tourists with the region they have travelled too, this very network.

The Emirates Government has taken numerous measures to create flexible standards to attract the interest of foreign investors and business owners to invest in the tourism industry. The numerous advantages offered by the UAE area make it possible for users to step forward and start their business in the UAE. Today, if you are not well-versed with legal proceedings and incorporation procedures, starting the procedure becomes a tedious activity. Many business professionals tend to join hands with trained experts to carry out the process quickly and quickly, who can assist them easily in sorting the processes.

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