Things You Need To Do After Setting up Your Oman Company

Things You Need To Do After Setting up Your Oman Company

by Zaara 19, May 2020

Oman offers a wide range of business opportunities to Omani citizens and foreign citizens to set up companies either with the help of an Omani entity or a wholly foreign-owned company. The Sultanate of Oman offers you to establish a company in its commercial zones or free zones. The country has four free zones to provide. With no personal income taxes, the country has only 5% of corporate taxes levied on its citizens and business-seekers. The country is classified as one of the high-income economies by the World Bank. The country has been rapidly diversifying its economy and developing other industrial sectors, especially infrastructure and real estate.

Getting your company registered is not the last thing to do after setting up a company in Oman. There are a few more steps you need to take care of before you make a sigh of relief and reap benefits from the company's primary motive. The owners or directors of the company need to perform these duties.

What you Should do After Business Setup in Oman?

These essential steps need to be followed, especially within a week after the registration of your Omani company, so that your business is appropriately set up and receives a boost from the government. Let us take this opportunity to give you an idea about the necessary steps to perform.

Things to Do after Company Incorporation in Oman

After incorporating a business, you need to do the following steps.

1. Open a Bank Account for your Business

You need a bank account in any private or nationalized bank to start performing business activities. This covers a wide range of activities, from paying for the raw materials to the issuance of shares.

2. Tax Registration

The Omani Tax Authority must get to know that your business has commenced its work. This is a vital step as this gives you the ability to utilize the various tax benefits that the Omani government provides. This is why the Omani taxation services are essential.

3. Audit and Accounting Services

Every company must keep a proper record of all their transactions and activities performed in the fiscal year. This helps at the end of the fiscal year when the company files for taxes. This is the reason accounting and bookkeeping services in Oman are needed. You can also hire auditors to cross-check either or outsource for your company's certificates accuracy.

4. Other Licenses

All the licenses for your company's relevant activities should also be applied before starting your company's operations. This step may take some time and must be done relatively early to comply with the law.

5. Trademark Registration

Symbols or words that are officially registered and represent a company or product are called trademarks. Registering a brand would not only project you against impersonators but also helps the growth of your business.

6. Directors' Disclosure of Interest

After deciding on the mission and vision of your company, along with the procedure that the directors aim to take advantage of and achieve, they must be revealed to all the shareholders in the first AGM conducted.

7. Letterhead and Seal

Once your company is registered, the company should preferably print its letterhead that consists of all the vital details like the company's name, Email ID, Telephone Number, CRN Number, etc. It would help if you also approved a common seal with the company's name engraved in legible characters.

8. VAT Registration

Check for various requirements for VAT registration in Oman after you register your company. Talk to experts at Commitbiz to understand the entire concept of VAT in Oman and assist in registering it.

9. Shareholders Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held at least once a year and within half of the financial year.

10. Website

To create awareness of your brand's existence and its motive, it is advised to create a website that depicts your ideas and products. The website must illustrate the services you provide. This step can be taken care of by getting a website host and securing a domain name registered under your establishment's name.

The directors of every Oman establishment must take care of the steps mentioned above to reap various benefits of the market and enjoy the smooth working of the company. Managing all these tasks on your own may become a tedious and costly affair. It is suggested to take help from a firm that offers such services.

How can we assist you?

Registering business is an easy part, but companies forget there are things to do after registration as well. That is where we come into the picture. We at Commitbiz offer various business setup services to various establishments spread over a broad spectrum of demographics. To avail of our services or to have a word with our experts, contact us.

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