Things to Consider Before Setting up a Tourism Business in Fujairah

by Zaara 17, Dec 2019

UAE is famous for its rich cultural heritage, stable government and its abundance of oil and gas. The country is divided into seven emirates and the name of the capital of each of the emirate the same as the emirate. In this one of the emirates of Fujairah and has the capital of the same name. More than 75% of the terrain of the emirate is covered by mountain ranges, and there is an excellent coastline in the west, making the place a scenic beauty and appropriate for adventure tourism.

Fujairah is the only emirate which is wholly located on the west coast and has no coastline in the eastern part of the country. It is a technologically advanced place, and this location is the provider of most of the modern technologies for the companies that are coming to the country. With the increasing footfalls, the government is focusing more on the tourism sector. The establishment of the Fujairah Free Zone has also brought in several foreigners both in the form of tourists or foreigners.

Let’s see what are the various steps to consider before setting up a company in Fujairah.

Considerations before Setting a Tourism Company

Before setting up a tourism company, many things should be kept in mind, such as:

1.Getting the Tourism License

The tourism business must acquire the relevant tourism license. The concerned company authority provides this license. In UAE, there are three different types of tourism license which can be obtained under a tourism license, which are:

This is the very first step that is required to be conducted by everyone if he or she wished to establish a tourism business in Fujairah.

2.Get a Budget

The company must decide the budget that will be used for conducting its various transactions so that the company does not face any problem during the work. The budget allocation will help the management of the company to understand where they need to put focus and where can the working remain as it is. The budget will provide an understanding of how well is the company performing.

3.Decide the Perfect Location

Deciding upon a location is a critical factor in determining the type of tourism to be conducted. As Fujairah consists of coastline, arid desert and a mountainous region, it will be perfect for performing adventure sports. Nevertheless, it should be kept in mind that which type of sports are conducted where. E.g. Zip lining requires a hilly terrain and can be undertaken in the mountainous region of Fujairah, but it cannot be made on the beachside.  

4.Decide the Market Segment

Pitching the right kind of tourism to the right person is crucial as not everyone needs the same type of tourism. For, E.g. sports tourism is mostly wanted by youngsters whereas older people want to go to museums and exhibitions. If adventure tourism is pitched to an older demographic, it will not do well under any circumstances.

5.Focus on the Type of Tourism

Due to the variation in the topography of the land, the place is best suitable for adventure tourism. The adventure tourism conducted in the emirate will get direct competition from the tourism in Ras Al Khaimah, as RAK also has similar topography and the government is trying to market this emirate as the adventure capital of the east.

An owner should keep the things as mentioned above in mind and plan the business accordingly. If there is any mistake in the plan or any of the details are off, the company will face enormous consequences. This is why it is always recommended that you should avail the services provided by the various management consultancy firms. One such firm which will help you to set up a tourism business is "Commitbiz”.

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