The Significance of UAE Innovation Month 2019

The Significance of UAE Innovation Month 2019

by Zaara 01, Feb 2019

In the previous blog, we have seen how the Emirates have initiated a significant move to create a booming platform for the budding entrepreneurs. This step of visionary leadership, taken by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has expanded the growth opportunities of multiple business industries that turn out to be way challenging. The Mission for Innovators has begun with the idea to hunt out the best ones that would benefit the nation as well as global economy. Each of the Emirates has got their strategy to carry out events dedicated to different industries, which would have a tremendous impact on the targeted sectors. Let’s have a look a few of them.

1.Abu Dhabi Innovation Week

The Innovation Week for Abu Dhabi will kick start by 1st Feb 2019. The activities to be carried out includes the launch of strategic projects for mobile application related to Augmented Reality (AR), where the user can have a look at a new layer of the printed document.  Moreover, they can also experience 3D animation guide related to a product. The Abu Dhabi Innovation week also focuses on building a digital platform that will be accessible by students in schools and colleges, providing them with a new way of smart learning, and building a digital future. The week would be dedicated to categories like transportation, technology, design thinking, and government services. It becomes an excellent opportunity for business investors who are looking forward to setting up a company in UAE, in the field of science and technology, transport.

2.The Opening of Abu Dhabi Marine Academy

Another critical step that has been initiated by the nation is establishment and inauguration of Abu Dhabi Marine Academy to boost the economic contribution. The initiation of this step has begun with an aim to provide pioneering services in maritime education and training in the nation. The marine industry in UAE is worth more than USD 61bn. The initiative taken by the Emirati government would open up enormous ways for the maritime, education industry. It paves out a way for business investors seeking out to invest in the same domain, ultimately emerging the nation as a shipping capital, and following the path of Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030.

3.Collaborating Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Industry

The Emirati Government has taken another significant step that brings Artificial Intelligence and HealthCare under the same roof. According to research, the UAE healthcare market is expected to grow by 12.7%, by the end of 2020, holding a value of US$20 bn. This turns out to be another innovation of the Emirates, where the government tries to improvise the healthcare sector backed by automation. This would not only help in automating the medical processes but will also build a better future for business investors and entrepreneurs to start a healthcare business in UAE. Moreover, it would boost private-public partnerships between both the industries.

4.The Innovation of Virtual Reality Park

2019 UAE Innovation also targets to boom the Virtual Reality to the next level, by involving it in the entertainment industry in the MENA region. This innovative strategy has been built to give a new experience to the users, making VR as the next step in the entertainment industry as an evolution.

5.UAE Open Hackathon

Considering the well-building of the telecommunication industry, the Emirati Government opens up the way to explore data projects and launches UAE Open Hackathon 2.0. The core purpose of innovating such competitions is to bring out more innovative solutions that will be derived from the data that exist in the government entities, ultimately boosting them to make the best use of modern day technology.

The points stated above reflect the opportunities that each of them holds related to the specific industries. The UAE is on the way of transforming itself as one of the most innovative nations of the world for every business industry. Presenting a holistic view in different business segments, it opens its arms to investors and entrepreneurs to come up with their creative ideas to implement them and turn them into reality. We can see that the UAE Innovation Month turns out to be a boon for the entire nation as well as business investors and entrepreneurs. If you are one among them, holding an original business concept in your mind, then it’s the best time to take a call. At this point, you need a guide who can understand the creative idea that you hold and help you in the process of transforming it. We at Commitbiz are here to help you in setting up a business in UAE. Our business experts are well-versed with the Emirati laws and will cater to your needs accordingly. To have a word, do contact us today-we’d be glad to assist.


Which is the innovation month in UAE?


When did the UAE innovation month start?

From 2018.

What is the purpose of denoting innovation month in UAE?

  • Adopting a long-term investment strategy in the UAE's human capital 

  • To diversify the economy away from oil 

  • Boost the UAE's global competitiveness

  • Corporate innovation approaches and an innovative culture

Which entities participate in the UAE innovation month 2022?

  • Federal and local government entities

  • The private sector

  • Academia

  • Community members

What is the aim behind the UAE innovation month 2022?

  • To motivate the youth in innovation

  • Creating a 50-year vision for the emirate

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