The Next Level of UAE’s Vet Care Industry- Dubai Camel Hospital

by Zaara 18, Feb 2020

The Next Level of UAE’s Vet Care Industry- Dubai Camel Hospital

By reading the caption itself, you might have been wondering what’s this? Camel Hospital? Yes, the region of United Arab Emirates with its capital Abu Dhabi has shown a tremendous move by taking the initiative to open the world’s first camel hospital- which is projected to grab a positive response. The move was initiated back in 2017 to provide outstanding service to the camel industry by enhancing the best practice to the national animal. The Government of the UAE has been taking all possible opportunities not only to take initiatives for the local and foreign nationals settling in the region but has also taken necessary steps towards the fauna prevailing in the area.

A business establishment is recognized as one of the significant moves that the region of Dubai has been projecting in the past decade. The ground serves to a business-friendly destination to the investors and entrepreneurs who wants to come ahead and operate their business activities. The Emirati government has taken a drastic move by widening the opportunity for the veterinary industry. The camel is recognized as the “Ship of the Desert” and has been serving to be an integral part of the UAE’s heritage. The Dubai Camel Hospital is on the way to become the world’s first camel hospital to expand its facilities to provide the best hospitality services to the camel family focusing on the local as well as internal breeds. Customized medical equipment has been used to accommodate camel treatment procedures, along with an R&D centre to develop relevant medicines for the same.

Business Opportunities

This unique move of the Emirati Government has leveraged multiple business opportunities for national and foreign investors who have got a dream to invest in Dubai. If you too possess the same thought process, then you can tap on and grab the relevant opportunities. Some of the areas that hold enormous opportunities are:

  • Veterinary clinics
  • Medicine manufacturing
  • Medical equipment manufacturing
  • Heritage and Tourism

The divisions mentioned above turns out to be an untapped market and thus holds enormous opportunities for a business owner or investor. Starting a business in the region of UAE stands as a favourable option as the ground turns out to provide a suitable business climate that grabs the attention of global investors. Now, if you hold an idea regarding the business establishment in the UAE, then you can proceed ahead with the guidance of a business expert. Let’s have a look at the business set up process in the UAE.

How to Set Up a Business in UAE?

To go ahead and start a business in UAE, one needs to follow the proceedings mentioned below:

1.Do a Market Study

At the initial stage, you need to understand the market that you want to target. Deep dive into the research zone and try to understand the possibilities that it holds.

2.Get a Clear Idea Regarding the Services

Since you have seen that this move has paved out multiple business opportunities, you need to be clear regarding the services that you want to provide accordingly. This will help you to get a clear view of the tasks and path that you need to follow and the target market.

3.Draft a Business Plan

You need to pen down the whole business establishment idea to get a blueprint that depicts the business idea. While doing so, make sure that you consider all the possible aspects into consideration, be it financial, economic, social, etc.

4.Submit Documents to the Required Authorities

To execute the incorporation process, you need to present the essential documents to the government authorities. Some of the essentials include:

  • Copy of duly filled application form
  • The blueprint of your business
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Stamped passport and visa

5.Select a Strategic Location

The region of UAE provides multiple documents for the business owners and investors to come and invest. MainlandFree Zones and Offshore are specific locations that the area of UAE offers. Make sure that you are well-versed about the areas before you choose one.

6.Obtain the Required Licenses

After submitting the essential documents, you need to make sure to obtain the relevant business licenses from the government authorities. Each business industry needs to hold a specific permit that grants an official permit to the business owner to operate the business activities. If you want to know more about business licenses in Dubai, click here.

7.Obtain the Incorporation Certificate

After the submission of documents to the relevant authorities, and obtaining the business license, you need to get the certificate of incorporation for your business entity that will legalize the physical exitance of your firm.

8.Open a Corporate Bank Account

The final step is to go ahead and open a corporate bank account to carry out the business transactions. Holding a bank account for your business helps you to manage your personal and business finances in a better way.

In a nutshell, you can see how this extraordinary move has leveraged multiple business options that you can grab. Starting a business in Dubai turns out to be a profitable option as it provides numerous opportunities to leverage the potential and generate higher profits. If you are willing to go ahead, then this is the right time to proceed as Expo 2020 is on the way. The event is looked forward as a collaboration platform and is expected to grab the attention of 25 million visitors. Performing the activities now in the market will help you to get a clarity about the scope and expansion in the future. However, it is recommended to proceed ahead with the help of business experts who are well-versed with the incorporation procedure.

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