Starting Forex Trading in Dubai

by Zaara 19, Aug 2021

Starting Forex Trading in Dubai

Do you know that Dubai provides one of the largest concentrations of both internationally and locally-based forex brokerages in the Middle East?

The time is absolutely perfect for you to start Forex trading in Dubai, leading up to Dubai Expo 2020.

Forex EXPO Dubai 2020 is an occasion for the Forex Professionals where they will learn and explore in Forex trading businesses. Local forex brokers are controlled by the Central Bank of the UAE. Their brokerage licenses are provided by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA). Dubai organizes several forex brokers that provide Islamic trading accounts with no daily overnight swap fees.

Trading in Dubai is relatively simple as you can use local or foreign brokers like The main advantage for the residents of Dubai for using a broker based in Dubai is that you have an easier local legal alternative if the broker fails

How to Start Forex Trading in Dubai?

The first thing to be considered for any potential is to know the trading risks, understand the market analysis, and have proper knowledge of what sort of additional effort is necessary while trading in the forex market of Dubai world expo 2020.

Step 1: Consider Your Needs

Your requirements as a trader will depend on the level of experience you possess. If you possess experience trading in the stock market, you must have a good idea of how to scrutinize the market's direction from a technical perspective and research fundamental information relevant to individual stocks.

If you’re entirely new to trading, you might be better off with a broker that provides a simple trading platform and sufficient educational material and support to initiate traders. It is vital to find the best forex broker for your particular needs.

Step 2: Pick a Broker

As you finalize on a forex broker in the lead up to Expo 2020, several elements should be carefully considered. You can find some of the key elements to consider before finalizing on a forex broker below:


One of the most vital things while selecting a forex broker is regulatory oversight. If the broker has no official controlling body that supervises operations, you have a less legal possibility in the event. The broker fails to fulfill its financial obligations, resulting in the loss of your total margin deposit.

ECN or Market Maker

An ECN broker displays the best offer and provides rates available from a group of market makers. Then your order is filled by the ECN broker at the best exchange rate available. Some ECN brokers levy a commission in addition to the dealer spread.

If your broker is a market maker, then the broker, who takes the other side of the trade at their price, fills the order. A conflict of interest can appear when the market maker takes the other side of your trades without counterbalancing them. You can be the cause for the broker to incur a loss if you trade well.


The impact on your overall profits and losses can be very significant, depending on the amount of leverage you can make use of and the margin requirements on your account. Maximum leverage rates can differ widely. Some brokers provide leverage of up to 3000:1 on forex accounts, leading upto Forex Expo Dubai 2020.


It is the amount of money required to implement leverage.  Let us assume that your account has a leverage of 100:1. It means that you would require $1,000 deposited as margin to hold a $100,000 forex position in your trading account.

Though losses are magnified, trading with leveraged positions means you can make plenty of money on profitable trades that can extremely deplete your account’s balance.

Dealer Spreads

How the brokers make their money consists of a divergence between the exchange rate at which they buy and at which they sell, which is known as the dealing spread.

Forex brokers simply extend their dealing spreads to you instead of charging a commission per transaction. Therefore, finding a broker that provides narrow spreads can save you plenty of money in the future if you intend to actively trade in the Dubai world expo.

Trading Platform

Most online forex brokers use their own ownership trading platforms or assist in using the popular MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 trading platforms from MetaQuotes.

MetaTrader has an adaptable interface and is programmable, which permits you to program and automate your own trading plan. Many third-party developers provide programs for automatic trading called “expert advisors” which you can download and use with your own trading account.

Demo Account

You must use a broker’s free demo account that will give you an idea of how effective the broker is in completing your orders. You can also implement trading in a live account.

Educational Resources

If you are completely a beginner to forex trading, you must look for a broker that provides an extensive range of educational resources. These resources are the ones which you use to make trading decisions e.g., articles, videos, and other tools.

Step 3: Opening an Account to Start Trading

Once you have finalized on a broker, you can then get going to open a demo account, so you can start to trade in Dubai expo 2020. You must keep in mind that your results trading in a demo account could be absolutely divergent than when you trade in a live account, so it makes sense, to begin with small amounts.

Final Thoughts

Forex Trading in Dubai involves finding the right broker for your requirements, mainly if you have very little experience in trading. There is no problem if you have the experience. you could easily find a broker that meets your needs

Although finding a good broker to partner with you is very effective for your trading business, the most important factor that will boost your trading success involves your trading plan and your level of preparation.

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