A man running his food truck business in Dubai

Starting a Food Truck Business in Dubai

by Jayati Gadamsetty 13, May 2024

In recent times, Dubai has witnessed a significant rise in the popularity of food trucks. These food trucks offer you the opportunity to enter the food industry of Dubai without needing to invest a heavy amount.

By starting a food truck business in Dubai, you can tap into the growing demand and earn good profits. Many entrepreneurs like you have already entered the food truck scene to offer fine dining food on the streets at a low cost.

Read this blog to understand the details of starting a food truck business in Dubai.

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Why start a Food Truck Business?

A food truck business can be started with a minimal capital and offers you the option of relocating the business at any time to approved locations by the authorities, operate at low costs, and create a diverse and personalised menu for your targeted audience.

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Which License do you need to run a Food Truck Business?

You must secure a food truck license which is a type of business license to run a food truck business. Other relevant permits and certificates are also needed to be availed from the Department of Economic Development (DED),  Dubai Municipality and the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Experts at Commitbiz can help you obtain different types of business licenses in Dubai.

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Documents needed to Obtain a Food Truck License

Some of the documents that need to be submitted to the DED are passport-sized photos, copies of shareholder passports, and the business plan.

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What’s needed to Setup a Food Truck Business?

In case you want to enter the food truck business in Dubai, a process needs to be followed that involves:  -

  1. Avail approval

Submit necessary documents to authorities like the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai Municipality, HACCP, and RTA  and get approvals for setting up the food truck business. 

  1. Select favourable location

Based on the target audience, find a suitable location for the food truck after fulfilling the necessary regulations.

  1. Adhere to regulations

Follow the regulations laid down by the authorities for running the business operations in the Emirate.

Dubai’s growing culinary scene attracts plenty of visitors on a daily basis. Thorough planning and execution can ensure in creating a name for yourself in the market and make a good profit.

So, get in touch with business experts from Commitbiz and start your food truck business in Dubai.

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How do I choose the right location for my food truck in Dubai?

You can consider factors such as foot traffic, parking availability, proximity to office complexes, tourist attractions, and popular events.

What are the costs associated with launching a food truck in Dubai?

Startup costs vary depending on factors such as the size of the truck, equipment, permits and licenses, branding, initial inventory, vehicle customisation, marketing expenses, and legal fees.

How can I ensure food safety and maintain hygiene standards for my food truck business?

You must ensure that all staff members receive proper training with regard to food handling, regular cleaning of cooking equipment, monitoring food temperatures, and following food code guidelines outlined by Dubai Municipality.