Start an Office Supply Business in Dubai

by Zaara 20, Aug 2021

For any business to set a convention in its respective sector, it is vital to establish an international presence. While originating an impact and producing maximum leads in the domestic market is significant, a company's growth would only be with globalization.

Opening an office supply business in Dubai would raise business opportunities by extending their operations into other markets along with several other benefits. One of the crucial benefits of starting an office supply business in Dubai is that UAE allows 100 % foreign ownership and allows them to perform all activities similar to the parent company.

Offices need a daily supply of their several needs like paper, ink, paper clips, and many other things. Schools are also massive users of office supplies. Hence you can look forward to setting up an office supply business in Dubai.

With the Dubai Expo 2020 at the forefront, it will be perfect for you to set up a business in UAE. Furthermore, it is ideal for you if you plan to do business in UAE.

Activities that need to be Covered to Obtain an Office Supply License

Dubai is an entrepreneurial city. Every person who desires to start a business in Dubai must decide to pursue his/her business and interests. In the same way, a person must have an office in Dubai to obtain a business license in Dubai.

You must also consider the office supplies required for the routine operation of an office. The following are some of the activities that an Office Supply License can cover.

  1. Stationery Trading

Activity Code: 4761003

Activity Group: Stationary and Trading of books

License Type: Commercial

Activity Description: Involves reselling stationery items, like papers, record books, notebooks, several types of pens and pencils, rulers, sharpeners, items needed for paper clipping, stamps, typewriters, and other stationery materials.

It also includes drawing items like geometrical drawing pencils, rulers, decorative pens, triangular rulers, colors, colored pencils, drawing paper, ink, etc.

  2. Multi-Dimensional Images Trading

Activity Code: 4761008

Activity Group: Stationary and trading of books

License Type: Commercial

Activity Description: This consists of firms that supply other items with multi-dimensional imaged posters, pictures, and stamps per their commercial and professional requirements.

These are not entailed in the production process but are involved in specialized printing houses categorized under No. 2221-08.

  3. Calculators & Spare Parts Trading

Activity Code: 4741001

Activity Group: Trading of Mechanical & engineering items

License Type: Commercial

Activity Description: Consists of reselling devices used to perform arithmetic operations.

  4. Office Furniture Trading

Activity Code: 4773920

Activity Group: Furniture trading

License Type: Commercial

Activity Description: Reselling office desks, tables, chairs, and cabinets. It also includes trading of office equipment and shops fittings that categorize under class 5150

Steps to Start an Office Supply Business in Dubai 

The license for the office supply business is an LLC license, and the steps to obtain it are as follows;

  • Obtaining Company's trade name
  • Obtaining the initial approval
  • Preparing the Memorandum of Association for the business
  • Final Submission to Dubai Economic Department
  • License issuance

Documents required to issue license:

Below mentioned are the documents required to start and office supply business in Dubai;

  • Passport copy of shareholders of the Company
  • NOC while holding a residence visa
  • Residence visa / Visit visa
  • Ejari / tenancy contract

How to Start an Office Supply Business in Dubai?

You can make an informal survey of the number of offices and schools in the area where you have planned to set up your business in Dubai. When you start your office supply business, you must ensure that the space you occupy for doing business in Dubai has sufficient storage capacity for the several office supplies you must keep in stock for servicing your clients.

You must also ensure that your stockroom is all-weather so that the supplies, mainly paper, may stay intact even with strong winds and torrential rains.

  1. Identify Your Source of Office Supplies

You must choose your location so that you are near enough to the suppliers you would utilize to provide you with all the office supply items you require. In addition, it will be much better if you can get suppliers desiring to deliver the items to your place, which you. It will reduce your transportation costs.

All the suppliers must have proper communication facilities so you can quickly contact them anytime.

  2. Locate Your Store Centrally

Another essential factor to consider while locating your store is its central location corresponding to the schools and business offices that will be your primary customers. As a result, this will make your delivery of office supplies to them convenient.

If you can also prepare a storage space with a high volume of pedestrian traffic passing by all day, it will be an additional source of income. You must establish the existence of your store so that the public recognizes it.

You can initially lay out this information when you survey the area where you plan to do business to find out how many offices and schools are there that will be your market for your business.

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