Open a school in Dubai

Start a School in Dubai

by Zaara 25, Oct 2021

Are you planning to start or set up a new school in Dubai? If yes, you are heading in the right direction. We will illustrate in detail why Dubai is perfect for you to set up a school and other details regarding setting up a school in Dubai.

Dubai has built a reputation of being a modern and dynamic city. It has developed a distinct identity as leading trade and financial hub. It provides excellent opportunities for investment too. Hence, it is perfect for you to setting up a business in Dubai, leading up to Dubai Expo 2020

Sustained economic growth depends on effective social development strategies, such as the recruitment, development, and retention of skilled professionals(both local and international). Education that fulfils international benchmarks is one of the vital areas of social infrastructure that must continue to change and improve with Expo 2020 coming.

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Why Dubai?

  1. Growing Student Population

Dubai has a unique private education sector. Currently, the private sector provides more than 90% of all school education in Dubai. This encompasses more than 170 schools, 265,000 students from 183 countries, and provides 16 different curricula. This zestful and complex landscape is continuously evolving better to meet the needs of Dubai's growing population and also facilitates setting up a business in Dubai, like setting up a school in Dubai.

  1. School Capacity and Utilisation Rate

The latest Figures indicate that Dubai’s schools provide a combined 298,341 student places, out of which 89% are currently utilized. Further analysis indicates that schools that have been rated as providing a better quality of education benefit from significantly higher utilization than schools that have been rated as lower.

  1. Large Student Growth

There is a significant growth in the student population in Dubai. When you decide to invest in starting a new school in Dubai, you should consider population growth and demographics.

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Benefits and Opportunities

 The private school department in Dubai is marshalled by KHDA(Knowledge and Human Development Authority). The private school department operates in the Dubai Free zone

With the rise in the migrant student population in Dubai, the opportunities for setting up a company in Dubai, e.g., starting a school, are increasing. You can start your school in various curricula as students from various countries and cultures reside in Dubai. If your school gets highly ranked by KHDA, the opportunities for the growth of schools in these curriculums can progress very easily.

This will allow the school administration to increase the fees. An increasing number of people will look forward to enrolling their children to provide a better education.

The opportunities for opening a school in Dubai are available in the Dubai mainland and in Dubai freezones such as Dubai Academic City. This free zone is very particular for the education sector as schools can easily be set up there.

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How to Start a School in Dubai?

Following are the details to start a school in Dubai.

Step 1: Connect with KHDA

Our experts are ready to connect with you and will explain more about the educational landscape in Dubai and provide all the necessary information you need to open a school in Dubai.

Now we will only tell you to submit details according to a list which you must have pre-set. You let us know more about your proposed school. We will provide you feedback within five working days of receiving this submission that we asked.

Step 2: Applying For a New School

After having received the information, we will once go through it. If we find it to be feasible, we will then ask you to sign and submit the investor declaration form. Now you are able to apply for opening a school in Dubai. This application form will ask for the following details:

  • Corporate and private shareholders.
  • Managers governance arrangements.
  • More specific information about the proposed school.
  • The initial approval from the commercial authority.

Step 3: Submit an Academic Plan

Now you must upload the approved application form, as mentioned in Step 2. You must submit the academic plan along with a non-refundable amount of AED 50,020. An expert team at KHDA will go through the academic plan and will provide detailed feedback within ten days. you will also be able to re-submit your academic plan

It is very important that you decide on a location for the school that complements the vision outlined in the Academic Plan. We will support you to look at various options available for land in Dubai. You can choose from land in mainland Dubai or from the Dubai free zones.

Dubai International Academic City is the best free zone area for setting up a school in Dubai. The accurate school building requirements will vary depending on the zoning regulations of the authority under which your school is located.

Step 5: Principal’s Appointment and Marketing Application

After the approval of your academic plan, we will issue an Appointment Letter for the principal within five working days. You can then begin marketing the school according to the approved marketing guidelines.

Our company agents in Dubai are ever-ready to give you all the details necessary in setting up your school.

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Why Us?

We, at Commitbiz, will help you make the proper choices for you and your plans. We have been one of the business consultant players in the UAE region. We provide services for companies and business people interested in establishing their progress in the UAE. If you have any other questions, you can contact us. We will be delighted to assist you.

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