Start a car wash business in UAE

How to start a Car Wash business in UAE ?

by Priyadarshini Balamurugan 17, Oct 2023

The car market is constantly rising in UAE and will grow to great heights in the long run. The cars also get dusty very soon in UAE. This raises the need for cleaning and maintaining the cars regularly. 

It will be a significant business serving a niche market.

With the Dubai Expo 2020 at the forefront, it will be perfect for you to set up a business in the UAE. 

If you are looking forward to starting a car wash business in UAE, then you must know that the 6th edition of the Gulf Car Wash Car Care will be held in Dubai next year. It is ideal for you if you're planning a business setup in UAE.

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Understand the Business

The best place to provide car wash services is in the parking of shopping malls or multiplexes. What you need to provide are environment-friendly movable car wash services. 

A relatively new dimension that you can add to your business, leading up to Dubai Expo 2020 and the Gulf Car Wash Car Care, is the waterless car wash. Water scarcity is a big issue in UAE as it has hampered the standard of living of the netizens of the country. 

So, a waterless car wash business can be an entirely brilliant idea for you. You can include these services in your portfolio, too.

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Process for getting a license for a Car Wash Business in UAE:

The first and foremost activity in starting a car wash business in UAE is to get a professional license. 

If you want to start mobile car wash services and collect great Business links in UAE, then you have to procure a license.

The following are the steps to procure a license:

  • Decide a Trade Name

You must select a business name, which should not be duplicated, avoid using offensive names and names that reflect any religion.

  • Initial Approval

Obtain initial approval from the relevant authorities to start a business in UAE.

  • Documents Submission

The next step after obtaining initial approvals is to get all your documents  ready and notarized.

  • Ejari - Rent a Place

Ejari is a rental/lease document that is mandatory to apply for a license. Rent a place as per your business requirements.

  • Approval of Dubai Municipality

Then, you need the approval of tenancy from the Dubai Municipality.

  • Final Submission

After the final submission, you can avail your license for setting up a business in UAE.

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Documents Required for starting a car wash business in UAE:

  • Passport copy of the shareholder/s
  • Visit visa / Transit visa / Tourist visa/ Residence visa copies of the shareholder(s) required for immigrants.
  • Emirates ID copy and NOC from sponsor
  • A few trade name options for your company
  • Ejari / Tenancy contract in the name of your company (this will be needed during the process)
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How much does it cost?

The cost of the license for starting a car wash business in the UAE is around AED 10,173 ($2780), inclusive of all applicable taxes. Moreover, you need to pay 2.5% of the rental amount for office space.

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Parking Car Wash License in Dubai, UAE

One of the most important factors that will favour the growth of your car wash business is the immense value of the tourism business in Dubai. Dubai is one of the most visited places by people from all around the world.

UAE is a place which has a large number of tourist destinations, so tourist immigration is huge in UAE. This increase in tourists reflects the increase in the number of hotels and restaurants that need a parking space along with the car washing facilities.

There are immense opportunities for setting up a car wash business in Dubai, UAE. The volume is increasing by 35% every year.

Our experts are always available to assist you with business setup in Dubai.

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Important Points To Consider:

There are immense prospects for the car washing industry. However, it always concentrates on the quality of the services you offer.

You need to hire the right people for washing who are totally trained in car wash services.

You should also have knowledge of the latest techniques for car washing services. You must also be aware of the government laws that keep changing. Else, you might be subjected to hefty fines.

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Start your UAE Car Wash Business with Commitbiz

Always hold hands with the experts for starting anything new that will help you to lead towards success. Here are Commitbiz your business consultants in UAE, who can assist you through the process of business setup in Dubai, UAE.

Contact us for more information!


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Which are the Top 7 car wash businesses in UAE?

  • Orange Auto

  • VOne Car Wash

  • Keno Car Care

  • Mist Wash

  • Auto Pro

  • Grand Service Station

  • Al Quoz Car Wash

Which are the Top businesses for a waterless car wash in Dubai, UAE?

  • Cleanz Car Wash

  • GoGreen Waterless Car Wash Solutions

  • Kenzie

  • WaterWise Car Washing

  • EvoWash

  • Zero Wet Car Wash

  • Flossir Car Wash

Which are the cheapest locations for starting a car wash business in UAE?

If you're looking for cheaper or affordable locations, pick one of the Free Zones. Since Free Zones will cost you much less compared to setting up your business on the Mainland.

What is a washless car wash in UAE?

It's applying advanced technology for cleaning vehicles (cars) using little to no water without leaving scratches. This process is much quicker and convenient when compared to the traditional car-washing service.

Which is the most profitable niche in the business of car wash in UAE?

The most profitable niche is the Full-Service car washing services.