Smart Dubai and DHA use AI to Save Lives

by Zaara 20, Apr 2020

Smart Dubai and DHA use AI to Save Lives

Healthcare has always been an arduous and morally ambiguous profession. The crucial problem in healthcare stems from lack of or less information available about the patient. Doctors have always struggled to treat patients when there is very less information available about their patient’s bodies. Especially, symptoms which patients themselves are not aware of or symptoms which may present at a later stage. Such symptoms can be missed by the doctors, which then leads to a wrong diagnosis or the patient not being treated accordingly.

To combat this problem, Smart Dubai in collaboration with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and IBM has unveiled a new Artificial Intelligence (AI). This AI allows healthcare professionals to be able to anticipate a patient’s condition by tracking six vital signs, which includes blood pressure, temperature and pulse, among others.

Smart Dubai’s Initiative: Boon for the Healthcare Sector

This initiative is part of Smart Dubai’s AI Lab Initiative. Smart Dubai is a government office charged with facilitating Dubai’s transformation to a smart city. The AI lab, a first of its kind, aims to use the power of machine learning to integrate AI into government services to achieve that goal. The AI use case developed is a milestone for the healthcare industry as it will provide healthcare professionals with the much-needed information ahead of time to better treat their patients. (A use case is a software term which describes how a user uses a system to accomplish a particular goal).

Patients from four major hospitals in Dubai- Rashid Hospital, Latifa Hospital, Dubai Hospital and Hatta Hospital were part of this proof of concept. Here, the system was trained to process the patient’s data. The trial revealed that deterioration of health conditions in patients could be detected anywhere from one to twenty hours ahead of time with around 90-98% accuracy. This trial also showed that the system is capable of determining the precise moment when the condition of a patient is likely to deteriorate after leaving the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The trial revealed three important benefits the system will bring to the health care sector. The first one is the increased potential to save lives through a system that uses accurate data to pre-emptively determine critical cases and help in taking the necessary precautions ahead of time. The second benefit allows better management of the hospital’s resources, especially the doctors and nurses. Third and lastly, the system will increase the performance of the healthcare professionals by providing them with the data which will be needed to make sound decisions, ahead of time.

The AI Lab, since its inception in 2017,  has collaborated with 20 government entities, identifying more than 43 use cases as part of its AI Roadmap. It has implemented four projects and smart instant-chat channels so far. It has also undertaken seven experiments with various government entities.

Dubai: a Tech Industry Favourite

The technological sector is booming in Dubai. In this sector, the field of Artificial Intelligence has always been heavily favoured and invested industry in Dubai. This has led to various startups in setting up a business in Dubai. There are approximately twenty-nine AI startups in Dubai. The initiatives by the Dubai Government is due to the UAE government’s commitment to enhancing the country to a future friendly. This has led to the UAE being one of the few countries in the world to have its own Ministry of Artificial Intelligence. Established in 2017, the aim of this is to invest in advanced technologies and AI tools that will be used to boost the capabilities of the government.

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Reasons to Avail Professional Services in the UAE?

Availing the services of a professional when incorporating a business in Dubai leads to many benefits being accumulated that will affect you and your newly incorporated company, even in the long term. The reasons are as follows:

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What is smart Dubai?

It is an initiative by the Dubai government to make the city smart and sustainable.

What is the difference between the Dubai app and the Smart Dubai app?

Dubai App is an official government application that gives you access to over 120 government and commercial sector services from over 30 different institutions. The Smart Dubai app was launched by the Dubai Health Authority that provides information about the Covid – 19 symptoms, prevention and treatments to reduce the risk.

What is an AI Lab?

It is the Dubai government initiative as a part of the smart city project. The initiative aims to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in government services to improve the UX. Dubai healthcare companies or generally, healthcare in Dubai is now utilising AI in their technology.

What is Dubai Healthcare city?

DHCC is a freezone established completely for healthcare services. It is managed by Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DCHA) which facilitates business setup.

What is the cost of opening a healthcare business in Dubai?

It depends on the activity, jurisdiction, the license type you choose etc.

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