Saudi Arabia to Get New Healthcare Facility by UAE Group

Saudi Arabia to Get New Healthcare Facility by UAE Group

by Zaara 28, Feb 2020

Saudi Arabia, a country which is considered as one the best middle-eastern country for providing valid and trusted healthcare services, is about to get another healthcare facility to be added in their medical structure. UAE-based company Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Centre(CMRC) is opening its first facility in Saudi Arabia to provide multidisciplinary services across the eastern region of the country. After having an unbeaten run at its multiple centres in the UAE, CMRC has now decided to build its first facility in Saudi Arabia and will follow the same protocols and procedures that are implemented at its UAE centres.

Current Healthcare Facilities in Saudi Arabia  

Saudi Arabia holds a varied structure in terms of providing healthcare services in its region. The government of Saudi Arabia has a national healthcare system that allows various government agencies to provide a no. of medicinal services to the people. The services are offered by both public and private sector firms. CMRC already provides its medicinal services in various cities across the UAE, which already has quite booming and flourishing healthcare business opportunities in the healthcare sector in UAE.

Public Sector

The public sector system includes organizations like the Ministry of Health which is a government-funded organization and is a principal government agency, it offers its services throughout the UAE through a chain of healthcare centres (1,925) located across the country providing curative care to its citizens. They also offer specialized services to the patients at their general and specialized hospitals (around 220) located across the country. The Ministry of Health keeps track and manages all the financing, management and regulation functionalities and also supervises all the other cases or activities held by the private sector organizations.

Apart from the Ministry of Health, which manages major healthcare facilities across the region, the UAE has few other government agencies as well, which provides and is responsible for many other healthcare services throughout the country. These agencies are the Ministry of Defence and Aviation, Ministry of Interior and the Saudi Arabian National Guard. These agencies mainly focus on providing facilities to the security or Army personals and their families and also on a referral basis.

Private Sector

The primary service area in the healthcare system is covered by government medical agencies that try to provide and help the citizens in every possible way. Aside from the government-funded organizations, the UAE government also persuade private hospitals and agencies to offer and create healthcare services across the country to help citizens to get maximum healthcare benefits.

These may include services like private hospitals, laboratories, medical centers, medical hospitals, physiotherapy clinics, dental clinics that are assigned or meant to provide additional services to the citizens to make sure that everyone gets the benefit of excellent medicinal services. 

Why is CMRC Expanding its Roots?

Cambridge Medical and rehabilitation centre is basically based in the region of the UAE through which they were operating their various functionalities and providing several healthcare services. Because of the considerable success in delivering productive service across the UAE, CMRC decided to expand the business to provide help and to get in touch with more number of patients thus providing them with the opportunity to take advantage of services offered by them. Another reason which attracted CMRC to invest in Saudi Arabia can be the demand for the rehabilitation services which seems to be required in the region due to rising amounts of various life-threatening diseases and injuries as these issues need treatments at a reasonable level and also a lot of attention to cure appropriately. CMRC has thus started to admit its first patients and has started with a 60-bed hospital facility and will be providing facilities such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and multi-sensory room sessions. CMRC aims to get an equal amount of response and hopes to achieve the same success by following the same protocols and procedures that they are using at the UAE centres.   

Booming Healthcare sector in the UAE

The healthcare sector in the UAE is considered at a much more higher level in comparison to that of the industry in Saudi Arabia because of the contrast economy of both countries. The medical business in the UAE is one of the most profitable sectors in the world because of the amount of investment being injected by the UAE government in its healthcare sector. The healthcare business opportunities in the UAE are booming at a very high rate, thus attracting more investors to invest in the UAE. The two cities(Dubai and Abu Dhabi) are considered to be amongst the most popular and approached destinations across the globe for medicinal facilities. So, investing in the healthcare business in the UAE can be very productive for any investor.       


So, here we can conclude that how the healthcare business is growing up and shifting their focus towards Middle-eastern countries because of the developing and rising opportunities in the region thus providing better medical services to more people and making them approach medical facilities more efficiently. If you are looking for any assistance with various formalities and any regarding terminologies of setting up a healthcare business in the UAE feel free to contact us, we will be a great help!

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