Restaurant Stands as One of the Accelerating Business in Dubai

by Zaara 11, Jul 2019

Dubai is the place for all foodies who want to explore different cuisines in one place. There are many American food chains, Indian Restaurants, Italian and continental Restaurants, Iranian food varieties, have opened in Dubai.

Food Industry in Dubai

If you are looking for a break into the food business then, Dubai is the place. With a beautiful skyline and good cuisine, you can set up the business with the trend. Of all the other trade and commercial industries, the food industry is one of the most profitable industries in this City. The food sector has a rapid growth out of all the other industries and this is why more businessmen around the world are eyeing to start up a restaurant in Dubai. If you want to open a restaurant in Dubai, you have to follow a “Food Code”. To ensure the food safety and other regulations the Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality has started this Code. Similar types of food code are followed by other countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong. This step is taken by Dubai Governments to match the level of world food standards.

Types of Food Industry in Dubai which Follow this Food Code

  • Restaurants,
  • Hotels,
  • Cafeteria and cafes,
  • Bakeries,
  • Butcheries,
  • Foodservice operators who serve in schools and hospitals,
  • All the supermarkets and grocery stores,
  • Food factories and warehouses,
  • Food catering services,
  • Supplies sent to the cruise ship, desert camps, and events,
  • Food packing material and their manufacturers and supplies,
  • Kiosks, temporary and permanent food events.

These are some of the food industries which follow and work according to such Food Codes. They not only regulate but maintain the standards of food. Hygiene and safety of food is the main objective of such initiative.

Know-hows to set up a restaurant business

Following are some of the things you should know before establishing any restaurant business in Dubai.

1.Food and Safety Measures

The Food Control Department of Dubai is very strict for safety measures related to the quality of food. For setting up a restaurant in Dubai you have to take permission from the Food Safety Department. They evaluate and investigate the working of the restaurant to check the safety and hygiene of the food served.

2.Licenses to Start the Restaurants

Before starting any restaurants, a license should be taken from the concerned authority. Two types of licenses are mandatory for starting any food industry in Dubai:

  • Trade License:

It is issued by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

  • Food License:

It is issued by the Food and Safety Department, Dubai.

Other licenses such as Liquor license, Food truck license, etc are also required as per the food business you are starting.

3.Company  Setup

A company or restaurant should be physically set up in Dubai. The location of the restaurant shall be mentioned in the documents and verified by the authority. Blueprints of the exact location shall be attached.

4.Approval as to Restaurant Construction

Approval must be taken from food control section before constructing the restaurant. The exact dimensions and the restrictions as to construction must be kept in mind.

  • Wall, floor, and ceiling should be washable and absorbent.
  • It should be fireproof and lightly colored and must contain no cracks.
  • Adequate ventilation and lighting.
  • Area of the kitchen must be upto 300 sq. feet.
  • Storage area for dry or chilled and frozen food items.
  • If there is a tandoor pit in the kitchen the minimum area should be 380 sq. ft.
  • Washing facilities must be present with both hot and cold water.
  1. No Objection Certificate

No objection certificate must be taken from the Municipality Public-Health Department of Dubai.

Advantages of Setting up a Company in Dubai

  • Global attraction
  • Increase in the number of immigrants and visitors
  • Diverse interests of people as to different cuisines
  • Beautiful geographical locations
  • Tax-free
  • 100% ownership
  • Can set up a partnership with local Emirate, with 51% of stakes owned by the local sponsor.

These are some of the advantages of why you should start up your food business in Dubai. if you are looking forward to starting your restaurant in Dubai, and want to know how to do it, then our advisors at commitbiz are here to make your business hassle free. From the incorporation process of a business company to obtaining any restaurant license, we are here to help you. Feel free to contact us- we are glad to help.