Reasons You should Start a Firm instead of a Startup

by Zaara 20, Oct 2021

Reasons You should Start a Firm instead of a Startup

A firm is a for-profit entity separated from market solutions of the day. This implies that some sort of innovation is occurring behind the business's doors.

You must consider starting a firm instead of a startup. To be clear, both these terms aren’t mutually exclusive. Some startups are firms, but definitely not every startup qualifies to be firm. Only those startups that perform innovative things and cannot fully be done through simple buying and selling qualify as firms.

Dubai is just the perfect place for you to start a firm, in the lead up to Dubai Expo 2020. A global city with cosmopolitan culture and the tax-free environment facilitates setting up a company in Dubai

Are you ready with innovative ideas to bring up to the world? Then, why not consider starting a firm in Dubai? We will explain you the reasons why it is good to start a firm instead of a startup and also why it is perfect for you to set up a company in Dubai.

4 Reasons to Start a Firm Instead of a startup

Create New Value for Communities

To create and start a firm, you must find a community to serve. You must identify the problem and provide solutions by applying design techniques and technologies.

Regardless of the criticality of the problem, you must find an angle for solving it, which nobody else does.

Differentiate Yourself for Investors

Lenders want to know whether a business idea amounts to a firm, especially with the availability of less venture capital. That doesn’t mean your firm’s model should be unrelated to what you have done before.

Discover New Business Models

Proven business concepts are essential to everyday life, but business models are reasonably safe and not innovative. 

Forming a new firm requires a new business model, e.g., Infibeam. It is an Indian eCommerce enabler. The company provides its software to merchants selling everything, starting from books to automotive accessories to electronics.

Test Your Business Savvy

The honest truth about starting a firm is that you must depend primarily on the entrepreneurial judgment. Founders have no prior data to look towards as firms build new niches. An experienced founder not only has vision, but he also has cultivated the business sense required to make important decisions instinctively. 

Reasons to Start Your Firm in Dubai

The investors who want to invest in the Middle-East Region are looking forward to setting up a business in Dubai. Let us discuss the top reasons for starting a company in Dubai :

Profit-oriented Destination

Dubai ranks 8th in the world amongst the top global commercial centers in The Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI). All the investors also look forward to setting up a company in Dubai.

Hence, it is absolutely suitable for you to start your firm in Dubai, leading up to Dubai World Expo 2020

Excellent Tax-benefits

The government of the UAE has put in a lot of effort towards building a business-oriented ecosystem. The foreign investors succeed in huge tax profits. Dubai has only a 5% VAT, which is one of the lowest rates attracting plenty of firms that facilitates business setup in Dubai.


Dubai is considered to be a safe and crime-free city. This city is exempt from communal riots and agitation. Dubai ranked 19th in the world amongst the safest cities. It had the highest ranking in the middle east in the criteria of lowest risk cities. Hence, it is perfect for you to start your firm in Dubai, with the Expo 2020 coming ahead.

Logistics and Infrastructure

Dubai has a vital position in international trading and transport logistics. It has the advantage of its innate strategic location on the globe. Due to its beautiful geographical location, Dubai is considered to be the gateway to the world's most accelerating markets, including Africa, India and China. Thus, it is a wonderful option for you to start a firm in Dubai.

Wide Gates to International Markets

 With ports and an abundant workforce, businesses in Dubai find it easier to grow and access different markets around the world with zero levels of bureaucracy. The Expo 2020 S&P Global’s forecast is that The GDP of Dubai would increase at a minimum rate of 2.5% per year until Expo 2022 Dubai, especially from economic activity associated with Dubai Expo 2020, is highly encouraging. Expo 2020 is also expected to uplift tourism in Dubai, cascading consumer spending, consequently reviving the growth.

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