Reasons to Start a Healthcare Business in Dubai

by Zaara 18, Nov 2019

The medical industry in the world is skyrocketing. Today's healthcare is so advanced where the purpose is not just to cure illnesses or diseases but for aesthetic and wellness purposes as well. With State of the Art technology that has come in, there is only room for more advancement in the health field. Dubai has been at the pinnacle of progress in all areas and is only looking to accomplish more. With world-class infrastructure and an extremely supportive Government, there is nothing to think about while starting a health care business in Dubai.

The top priority of the  UAE is to establish a first-class medical infrastructure for those willing to invest in healthcare. Dubai happens to be the second most popular location with regard to medical tourism in a report by the World Bank.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) has announced that a third of the adults in Dubai suffer from obesity while a fifth of the population lives with diabetes. With the rise of health complications, illnesses clubbed with the fact that the average income of the population is on the higher side, most of these sufferers are demanding a better quality of healthcare in Dubai.

Dubai has, therefore prioritised health care and is moving forward with this issue. The DHA (Dubai Healthcare Authority) has come up with a guide to attract more investors in the medical sector prioritising the private sector.


 The Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is an entity that helps with the setting up of healthcare business in Dubai. The DHCC has a reputation of being known as the 'Wellness and Health' destination of the Middle East.

DHCC’s ventures are further divided into two. Them being;

  • The Medical or Health Community: It covers over 4 million square feet  and has a plethora of hospitals, clinics, and other retail spaces
  • The Wellness Community: It is over 19 million Square feet.

Key Factors

There are many key factors as to why Dubai is the ideal place to invest in private health care. Them being

Advancement in Healthcare: Technological revolution has made it so easy for doctors to diagnose and make accurate decisions. This, in turn, has effectively improved the standard of treatment provided. This means that using video call or modern day tele-technology, there is no need for doctors to travel the world, and thereby consultation can be done at the tip of the finger. This will reduce a hospital’s cost by a huge margin. ( Given the cost of flying down specialists and accommodation and other expenses). Telemedicine is also highly time-saving. With new age equipment that collects information, patients with chronic diseases can be monitored by doctors from across the globe.Dubai’s advancement  in healthcare has been tremendous.


The Dubai Future Foundation for the accelerator program used a certain set of air pods to be used for the purpose of full body scanning. These air pods further detect diseases at earlier stages and are further equipped to assess the health and fitness level of individuals. Hospitals in Dubai equipped with these air pods will function faster than the average speed.

The UAE is further looking to become a centre for 3D printing as well. One might ask what the relevance of 3D printing with healthcare is? Well, the answer is  3D printing enables doctors to practice on actual models of human organs. This practice will drastically reduce accidents or mishaps, such as excessive bleeding. This will thereby improve the effectiveness and success rates of surgeries. Hospitals in Dubai will grow immensely

Robotic pharmacies  further are equipped with various prescription medicines. The storage capacities of these pharmacies are large, thereby catering to several prescriptions. These pharmacies work when medical staff submit e-messages or e-notes to the pharmacies, which then scan the barcode and provide the accurate dosage of these medicines. These barcodes, however, are internationally approved.

In the modern day, all health records are digitised, which makes accessibility of health records from any facility in the UAE. DHA’s aim is to turn the entire emirate medical system into a paperless effective system. When Data like this is shared, complications such as allergies, etc. need not be informed to the doctor as all this info can be accessed by the medical practitioner himself. This will indeed ease out all processes, especially in cases of emergency where the patient is unconscious or is without an aide.

Health Apps

The new and upgraded health apps record all information of an individual. Further, there are apps now to book appointments with doctors and educational health apps where tips, advice and videos are streamed to help individuals. In cases of pregnancy, this would be helpful.  There are a lot of individuals in Dubai who use these apps and devices, this has drastically improved the quality of healthcare in Dubai.

Other apps also provide benefits of running, drinking more water, eating healthy and encourage such activities. These serve as reminders and have more impact create of an audio-visual effect rather than just seeing a text. A new app called Hayati has played a pivotal role in helping diabetes patients.


 UAE has further put in cybersecurity measures for protecting the privacy of the individuals. Various checks include risk assessment, internal audit, and security analysis. Security measures make people trust the system more.   healthcare in Dubai becomes  more efficient as a result.

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