Procedure to get an Environmental Permit for Industrial Business in Dubai

by Zaara 13, Jul 2020

Procedure to get an Environmental Permit for Industrial Business in Dubai

In Dubai, if you want to start any business, one of the critical procedure to be followed while registering your business is to get a valid license. A business license is your key to officially kick-start the business. Apart from the license, if your business activity is such that you need external approvals, then you have to obtain those too. You cannot start your business without getting those approvals.

In this article, we are going to cover one of the significant external approvals required by the Dubai Municipality for Small, Light, and Heavy Industrial and Commercial related business activities in Dubai. Let’s start.

So what exactly is an Environmental Permit?

An Environmental clearance must be obtained for all industrial, professional, and services activities which might have an environmental impact based on submitting an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report/checklist to verify the company’s compliance with environmental legislation and standards in Dubai. The Environmental Department within the Municipality provides this service.

The Requirement to Obtain the Environment Clearance

As mentioned earlier, you must submit the EIA to the authorities to get the permit. Here’s the list of information required to be filled in the EIA.

  1. General Information – General Information of the proposed industrial business such as an approved trade name, business activity, e-mail ID, Contact person, the designation of the authorized person and type of activity
  2. Business Description – A description of what your proposed business will be precisely conducing
  3. Information about the Location -  Some necessary information about the location you would like to have your industry facilities like land/warehouse facility status ‘owned or leased’, classification, boundaries east, west, north and south
  4. Brief Description of the Procedure or Services Involved – You must provide a short description of how your manufacturing process will be
  5. List of Material to be used – You must list all materials used in the manufacturing activities without excluding any minimal materials that will be used during the manufacturing process
  6. List of Machines and Equipment’s -  All machines that will be used in the manufacturing process should be mentioned and listed one by one
  7. Number of Employees – Expected number of employees that will be recruited to run the business
  8. Operation Time – The daily operation time and number of working hours
  9. Daily Production – The projected number of daily production
  10. List of Chemicals/Dangerous Goods used and Storage Details – A list of any chemicals and dangerous goods must be provided along with the storage detail and quantity/consumption rate
  11. Waste and Pollution sources – Waste and Pollution sources for solid, liquid, and gaseous wastes

Once you finish filling this information, you must submit the report and certify that all the mentioned information are true and correct and any discrepancies during the actual operation of the facilities shall be the responsibility of the Company Owner; and you do at this moment committed to:

  • Local Order No. 61/1991. 
  • Federal Order No. (24)/1999. 
  • Applicable Administrative Orders, Technical Guidelines, Circulars and Codes of Practice of Dubai Municipality.
  • Strictly implement an Emergency Response and Safety Management Program.
  • Secure necessary permits from other DM section/department and other implementing agencies as required.
  • Construct, operate and maintain adequate air and water pollution control facilities.
  • Implement the adequate Environmental Management Plan to mitigate the negative impacts resulting from the project operation.

Document Requirement for Obtaining Clearance

  • Registration and Licensing Application
  • Trade name reservation certificate
  • Initial approval enquiry or DED follow-up receipt
  • Details of business site location from DE and stamped by DM- Planning Department
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for industrial activities based on the type of activities
  • The industrial activities based on the kind of activities
  • Tenancy Contract (Initial Contract)
  • Site affection Plan
  • Ministry of Economy initial approval
  • Businesses working permit for all the activities related to the Waste Management Department

The procedure can be long and elongated if you are unaware of the laws and regulations in the UAE. Hence we recommend taking the help of a business set up consultant who is well-versed with the legalities of the Emirates. You can handover the complete procedure to the consultant and concentrate on your business.

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Who Should We Reach Out For Application For Environmental Permit?


If you need a permit for activities like -

  • Reuse, Recycle, or Disposal animal wastes

  • Tyre manufacturing

  • Refining gas

  • Waste incineration

  • Manufacturing Of Ceramic products


For activities like the above ones, you’ll have to reach out to the Local Authorities.

Whereas, if you’re carrying out activities with little damage then you should apply at the Environment Agency.

Low impact activities are ones having -

  • Measures for preventing the escape of emissions to the outside environment.

  • Little damage due to odor and noise, these aren’t noticeable outside the place where the device is being used.

If you’re practicing composting of the wastes, anaerobic respiration in biogas plants, and anything related to the treatment of the waste, your activities will be counted as low impact.

What Is The Fee For Applying For An Environment License Application?


If you’re a new applicant, the charges are AED 500.

But if you want to renew or modify your license, the charges are AED 250.

What happens if you end up violating the rules and regulations for UAE environmental permits?

If the authorities have to take measures for preventing pollution because of your actions, then it will lead to a fine or imprisonment up to 5 years, or both.

What are the activities that require an environmental license application?

If you’re operating any of the following, you’ll need to apply for an environmental license -

  • A waste recycling, disposal, or treatment plant

  • A Combustion plant (of any size)

  • Installation - a setup, facility, or factory that’s likely to produce massive amounts of pollution

  • A Mobile plant

  • Waste incineration plants

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