PRO Services in Dubai – All You Need to Know

by Zaara 05, Mar 2018


Dubai has been growing at a rapid pace. Over the last 2 decades, Dubai is emerging globally as a business hub with unprecedented growth in finance & business services, trade & logistics, and the tourism sector. Business setup in Dubai can be an overwhelming task, not to mention the cumbrous paperwork and requirements associated with it. For an entrepreneur, time is precious; and running through the government office and ministry to complete this paperwork can be time-consuming. This is where PRO services come into the picture.

What are PRO Services in Dubai?

Every company requires a Public Relations Officer or a PRO. PRO services manage all the documentation required by ministries, like visa application, labor cards, trade licensing approvals, etc. They help you through the whole cycle of procedures and formalities so that you can have a glitch-free business. PRO services in Dubai help in assisting you through departments like the Department of Economic Development (DED), Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Visa and Immigration Department, etc. Although the obligations related to document clearing are user-friendly in Dubai, sometimes, conciliation can be extensive. They ensure that the clients are given maximum support for the smooth functioning of setting up a business in Dubai.

Most Common PRO services

Also known as Government Liaison Officer, PRO offers services such as:

  1. Company and branch formation
  2. Resident and employee visa
  3. Labor and immigration cards
  4. Emirate ID card
  5. Passport clearance
  6. Trademark and copyright
  7. Approval and renewal of trade license
  8. Regulatory approvals and NOC letters
  9. Notarization of legal documents
  10. Offshore & security passes (CICPA)
  11. Annual license renewals and updates
  12. Opening a corporate bank account

Why Your Company Needs PRO Services?

  1. Time-Saving: As mentioned earlier, getting a PRO service will help you save a lot of time, and you can concentrate on the business rather than standing in queues in government departments.
  2. Cost Reduction: Outsourcing PRO services help decrease the cost of document processing and clearing. It also eliminates the need for having in-house administrative and PRO department.
  3. Hassle Free: PRO services handle everything from picking up documents to delivering them to your office after clearing them from government authorities. They inform you about the progress of the job at each step so that you can stay updated.
  4. Reminder Services: They keep a record of all the necessary documents related to your company and provide timely reminders as to when license or employee visas can be renewed or initiated. Not just this, they ensure that the company is thoroughly informed about all the government protocols and instructions.
  5. Transparency: All the receipts and copies of government charges as well as other expenses and supporting bills are provided by PRO services, hence maintaining transparency.

The aforementioned are just a few benefits of availing PRO services in Dubai. Apart from these, there are huge governmental and judicial responsibilities dealt with by a Public Relations Officer. While starting a business in the UAE, one must be aware of all the legal obligations that should be followed. So, hiring a PRO service is more of an asset for a company. Setting up a business in Dubai will be convenient if the lengthier procedures are outsourced. So, one can rely on PRO services to oversee everything that needs to be done in this regard. If you want to avail this service, do contact us, even if it’s just for a friendly advice. We at Commitbiz have our team of experts to help you with company formation, registration, and counseling.


What are the Dubai residence visa fees?

It's valid for 1 year and will cost you around AED 100 (USD 27.23) & a processing fee of around AED 40 (USD 10.89) if done online.

Which are the types of residence visas in Dubai?

  • UAE Work Visa: Issued to people who’ve found a job in UAE.
  • UAE Student Visa: Given to foreigners studying in any educational institution in UAE.
  • UAE Family Visa: Given to family members of UAE citizens.
  • UAE Investment Visa: Issued to foreigners who want to start or want to invest in some business in UAE.
  • UAE Retirement Visa: Issued to foreigners who have gone past the retirement age have financial stability and desire to settle in UAE.

Which is the Top PRO Services company in Dubai?

Based on the past 2 years' performance,

Commitbiz Management Consultants Dubai is among the Top 3 pioneers in the PRO services market in Dubai.

Why are all the Top-notch companies availing of PRO services in Dubai UAE?

Setting up a business in Dubai is rewarding but a big struggle in many ways. You will need to acquire licenses & approvals from various Ministries, Zone authorities, appoint Local Agents & prepare documents accordingly. 

All of this is unnecessarily demanding for a foreign company like yours. 

For easing the burden, all the Top companies are availing of PRO services so that they can focus on the growth of their business while the PRO service company does all the documentation, licensing, and registration work.

What is the time limit for an Emirates Id Renewal?

30 days from the date of expiry. If you fail to renew it within that time slot, you’ll have to pay a fine.