Plan Abu Dhabi 2030

by Zaara 02, Sep 2020

Plan Abu Dhabi 2030

Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirate, turns out to be a commercial ground for business establishment. Ranging from oil industries to retail marts, and shopping mega-centres, it has been a favourable choice of foreign expats. Be it a tourist or a business professional, one can experience both leisure and professional work. Sheikh Mohammed Rashid bin Al Maktoum, the ruler of United Arab Emirates in collaboration with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan has initiated the Project Abu Dhabi 2030 to shape Abu Dhabi to build an urban infrastructure considering several factors like sustainability, infrastructure capacity, community planning and quality of life.

The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council has prepared the planning and approved by the Abu Dhabi Execution Council. Being shareholders, it will help if you hold an idea regarding the Abu Dhabi Plan, which will help you to start a business in Abu Dhabi in an easy way. Let’s deep dive.

Core Intention Behind Abu Dhabi 2030

The Abu Dhabi Plan 2030 focuses on the upliftment of the urban structure for the evolution of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The Emirate’s population is expected to grow by three million and might cross five million by 2030.  An urban structure has been built to come up with conceptual solutions to diversify the growth perspectives for the region, and ease the business setup solutions for the investors.

Urban Structure Framework

Just as Dubai Expo 2020, an urban structure framework has been planned to bring out unique developments’ fir Abu Dhabi. The sketch of the urban structure framework includes four sections, namely:

Framework 1: Environmental Framework

The Emirate is on the way to build a favourable environment that would create ideal conditions for mangrove and vibrant natural life. Best practices are kept in consideration to protect marine life. A step has been taken forward to establish the National Park System to preserve the wild-life and cultivate a rich culture. Since environmental conditions matter a lot to the business development process, the enrichment of nature will indirectly provide a favourable climate to the business owners to come forward and set up their business.

Framework 2: Land Use Framework

The next framework deals with the appropriate use of land to fit the growing population accordingly.  Strategic moves are to be built to make the best utilization of land allocation. It includes the development of the following:

  • Central Business District
  • Capital District
  • Define Limits for the City

Framework 3: Transport Framework

Transportation plays a vital role when it comes to the business world. Ranging from import/ export to the covering of the nearby areas, a robust transport network is essential. Abu Dhabi is on its way to build a well-convinced transportation network that will help the business entities to carry out their operations effectively.

Framework 4: Public Open Spaces Framework

The next focus is on developing the public open spaces, with an interconnected hierarchy of:

  • National and regional parks
  • Protected archaeological parks
  • Neighbourhood parks
  • Green street links between parks
  • Include golf courses as an integral part

Framework 5: Capital City Framework

To strengthen the government network, adequate measures are taken to create, manage the Capital District. This opens up new opportunities for the real estate as well as the construction business, which turns out to be a golden opportunity for business investors.

Economic Outcome Projections

The move of Abu Dhabi Plan 2030 is made to leverage the growth limit of the Emirate. Specific economic projections were built based on different business sectors. Do check the details regarding each of them below:


It is projected to see a substantial positive inclination regarding the demand for the residential units across all possible sectors of the market. The increasing population in the Emirate will demand more residential as well as commercial state, and the plan 2030 is getting developed to suit the future needs accordingly. This enables a potential market for the real estate sector, and a businessman who wants to start a real estate business in Dubai.

2.Office Space

The office space will see a drastic positive shift with the implementation of the program. We know that the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020 is projected to fetch Dh 122.6 million in the UAE Economy, and would result in extensive business partnerships. This would ultimately demand more physical space for business establishment, which is a golden opportunity for business owners planning to invest in co-working industry and real estate business in the UAE .


With the intense growth of population, the demands for the groceries and other necessities will increase simultaneously. As a result, there will be an increasing demand of the retail shops. As per the plan, the Government is also trying to implement the best practices to increase the utilization of land, which means there will be no trouble to set up retail outlets.


With the increase number of visitors, there will be an uplifting growth in the hospitality sector in Abu Dhabi to fulfil the demand of business and leisure. As we all know that Dubai Expo 2020 is on its way, which will act as a game-changer for the entire nation.

To understand the intensity, let’s have a look at the future projection numbers pertaining to each commercial domain:




Office Space

3.5 million m2

7.5 million m2

Retail Space

2.5 million m2

4.0 million m2

Industry Space

10.0 million m2

15.0 million m2

Hotel Rooms



Golf Courses






Tertiary Institutions



Hospital Beds




The ground of Abu Dhabi stands as a perfect investment destination. Moving ahead, let’s have a look at the benefits that you will derive by starting a business in Abu Dhabi.

Benefits of Setting up a Business in Abu Dhabi

Some of the benefits of incorporating a business in Abu Dhabi are stated below:

  • 100% Tax Exemption
  • Complete repatriation of capital invested and profits earned
  • A wide network to other neighbouring Emirates and other countries
  • A well-built robust network through road, air, and waterways
  • Easy availability of office space
  • Easy availability of local sponsor

We can say that Abu Dhabi is on the edge of transformation, and in the following years, it will turn out to be a hot-bed attracting investors dealing in different business domains, ranging from hospitality to manufacturing platforms. The initiatives taken by the UAE government for the development of Abu Dhabi will take the Emirates to the next level. The equal focus has been deliberated in all possible fronts to grow from all possible corners.

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