Opportunities for Business Setup in Dubai Free Zones

by Zaara 03, Dec 2019

The days when Dubai was just a desert were far behind. Now it’s an entrepreneur’s paradise with endless opportunities. This can be credited to the various benefits provided by the Free Zones. 

These include no tax and one hundred percent repatriation benefits. Another vital factor is full ownership without requiring a sponsor. 

Unlike the mainland, which requires a UAE national to hold 51 percent of shares for any business, the Free Zone has no such requirement, thereby cutting costs annually.

Business Options for a Dubai Free Zone Company Setup

Each of the free zones focuses more on the type of activity that is being followed. This helps the companies take advantage of the various business opportunities in the business environment.

Some of the many business opportunities available in the free zones are as follows:

Retail and Small Scale Manufacturing

Dubai is famous for shopping, which has led to an increase in the country's retail sector. This has created an opportunity for the retail industry to fulfill customers' demands. 

There has been an increase in the country's number of small shops and boutiques in the last couple of years.   

Travel and Tourism

Dubai has a rich cultural background and offers various free zone for the conduct of business to budding businessmen and entrepreneurs from all over the world. 

People flock to Dubai to incorporate a company in the free zone. Many tourists come to the country from across the globe to visit amusement parks, infrastructural marvels such as the Burj Khalifa or humanmade islands, etc.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

With the increase in the number of people coming into the country to set up their businesses, there is a unique need for accounting and bookkeeping services. We all know how accounting and bookkeeping can help a company. 

These accounting and bookkeeping services can be used in companies on the mainland and in the free zones.

Ecommerce Services

E-Commerce is a growing sector and provides even more excellent opportunities in Dubai. As many shoppers in the country and many more come from abroad, a large population can become the target for retail companies.


Expats of various nationalities come to the country to form businesses, and it is a common understanding that many will bring their families with them. This creates a need for essential educational services such as schools, pre-schools, etc. 

Dubai is also gradually becoming an education hub as more and more people flock to the area.

Real Estate

Real estate is a growing sector in the UAE. We have seen the infrastructural marvels the people in Dubai have created. 

Added to this, the increasing footfalls of tourists and the growing numbers of business in the country provide an excellent opportunity for the Real Estate Service.

Recruitment Agency

In Dubai, job opportunities are on the rise. This is primarily due to the increased number of businesses being set up. However, this means increasing job opportunities but all firms cannot filter and choose apt candidates. 

This is why a recruitment agency in Dubai has immense potential. Tie-ups with big firms can lead to huge revenue by doing background checks and other verification processes to filter candidates for a job. It is almost a no-risk job with very minimal investment.

Manufacturing Unit

Dubai's free zones have world-class infrastructure. Another key point to remember is that connectivity in the free zones is great. If we look at the Dubai Airport Free Zone, is right next to the International airport. 

This proves to be a great boon while importing raw materials and other equipment. This is an additional cost cut as exporting materials is far easier due to easy access to Jebel Ali Port and the International Airport.

Advertising Agency

For any business to become reasonably popular, advertising is the key. Advertising agencies do not have to depend on walk-in customers, nor do they have to be strategically placed. 

This is why it is ideal for an advertising agency.

Logistics Service

The Free Zones in Dubai accommodate a lot of businesses. However, these businesses require logistics services. 

This includes transporting raw materials and manufacturing equipment to ports and seaports from such ports to the manufacturing units.

Security Service

This is another industry that is again in demand. Security services provide various services to protect assets, businesses, etc. These include warehouse protection, vehicle protection, parking protection, and building protection. 

Every business requires security. This is why a large-scale security service can be set up in Dubai to provide to all free zones enterprises.

Cleaning Services

Another booming service in the emirate, cleaning services are in demand. A team of cleaners has to be assigned, following which different models can be adopted.

This is because different enterprises will require other cleaning methods, e.g., offices will require simple cleaning, but manufacturing units will require rigorous cleaning. Hence it is advised to have specialized services for different clients.


Consultancy services have immense potential in Dubai. The benefits, by far, outweigh the challenges in the field. It is important, however, to have an in-depth knowledge of the field before venturing into it.

Health and Fitness

Fitness has now become a priority for the majority of the world. With numerous corporations in the free zones, a fitness center can catapult your net worth by a significant amount.

Fitness centers all over the world are now in demand.

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How much does it cost to open a company in Dubai Freezone?

It depends on the freezone you choose. For Dubai Airport Freezone, you can start a company with AED 1000 as the minimum share capital.

How do I choose the right freezone for my business in UAE?

You can choose specified free zones according to your chosen activity.

What are the benefits of opening a company in freezone?

There are many advantages and some of the few are 100% foreign ownership, full repatriation benefits, tax exemptions etc.

Which is the best business to do in Dubai freezone?

It depends on the activity you choose. Each zone is designated for specific activity so that you can choose accordingly.

Which is the cheapest freezone in Dubai?

Dubai Silicon Oasis, JAFZA, Dubai Media City, and sJAFZA are some of the cost-effective free zones in Dubai.