National Space Strategy 2030, Embraced by UAE Cabinet

by Zaara 01, May 2020

National Space Strategy 2030, Embraced by UAE Cabinet

Abu Dhabi is the largest among the seven emirates which occupy eighty per cent of the Country's total land. Abu Dhabi is the capital and also the second most populous city of the United Arab Emirates. It is situated on the island off the Persian Gulf from the central western coast. As Abu Dhabi is escalating higher, they have decided to follow the National space strategy.

The New Strategy Implementation

New strategy aims to establish a significant global hub for space science and technology in the UAE.

The UAE Cabinet, chaired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister, Ruler of Dubai, Prime Minister has implemented the National Space Strategy 2030 during its meeting at the presidential palace in Abu Dhabi.

The National Space Strategy focuses on establishing a significant global hub for technology and space science, through investing in building capabilities and generating a scientific, financing and legislative environment that is emphasizing and attractive for the space project purpose.

The strategy puts the general framework for UAE's space industry and also activities which include government activities which are related to space, scientific activities carried out by public, commercial activities and private sector operators and academic institution, even research and development, R&D centers.

Sheikh Mohammed's View

Sheikh Mohammed is the Prime Minister, Vice President of the UAE, and the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. His comments on this matter were that last year they celebrated the launch of the first satellite fully built by young Emirati engineers, and very shortly, they will see them running international space technology centres, established in the UAE. They will see Emirati cadres, highly skilled and specialised in space science, achieving scientific breakthroughs that serve the of humanity."

They are investing in the space industry with ambitious projects and initiatives that will profit the citizens and will contribute to the major sectors of the national economy. That is undoubtedly a way up for the Country, and they are focusing on becoming a model for countries looking to launch ambitious space programmes.

The National Space Strategy includes thirty-six objectives and one hundred and nineteen initiatives which translate into focus areas and programmes profiting more than eighty-five entities in the UAE.

The Emirates Space Agency is answerable for following up on the implementation of the strategic partners, further than twenty agencies and space centres abroad.

The strategy focuses on achieving the UAE's vision in the field of space exploration, applications and technologies. It contributes one of the pillars of the regulatory framework for the space sector in the country, which has four component- National Space policy, Space Regulations, Space sector and National Space Strategy.

The Cabinet is also laying stress on the importance of escalating awareness about the importance of the space sector among young Emiratis.

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UAE space agency is located at?

United Arab Emirate space energy is headquartered in Abu Dhabi.

What is the motto of the National Space Strategy 2030?

The initiative intends to boost the UAE's regional and worldwide influence in the space industry and also increase the space sector's contribution to the national economy.

Why UAE is focusing on space exploration?

It explores a new domain and builds several job and business opportunities simultaneously contributing to the economy. It also lifts the global presence of the nation.

What are the features of the UAE’s National Space Energy Strategy 2030?

The project includes 6 objectives, 21 programs and 79 initiatives which in turn benefit 85+ entities in the nation.

What are initiatives taken by the government in the domain of space science and technology?

UAE government has taken many initiatives for the space industry including Emirati Interplanetary mission 2028, Emirates Lunar Mission - 2024, Arab Space Pioneers’ Programme, Mission to Mars, National Space Program etc.

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