Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre For Government Innovation

by Zaara 02, Jul 2021

Mohammed Bin Rashid Hub for Government Innovation has been set up to promote and enrich the government sector’s innovation culture by creating an integrated innovation system. The objective is for innovation to become one of the UAE government’s main foundations set in line with H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It aims to develop government operations and enhance the UAE’s competitiveness, making the UAE one of the most innovative governments worldwide.

The Center will develop a national database for creative government policies and international best practices in this sector. It would also integrate individual government programs into a cohesive structure to represent federal and local government agencies and protect the intellectual property associated with his field’s developments. Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation will spread innovation and make it a day-to-day activity in the government activity to make the UAE a global hub for innovation.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Government Innovation Center aims to provide a rich archive of central, creative experiences accessible to individuals and organizations to help develop a culture of innovation in the UAE community. Local technologies are classified into five categories:

  • Service Innovation: to deliver new or expanded services and to create novel means of providing services.
  • Process Innovation: Establish novel administrative and regulatory systems that can lead to the advancement of institutional work.
  • Technology Innovation: discover creative and scientific solutions to solve the community’s problems and benefit from modern scientific facilities.
  • Policy Innovation: Create policies to ensure a climate that promotes growth, change, and creation.
  • System Innovation: Build revolutionary processes that help to solve problems and develop innovative solutions.

Business Model

The goal of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation is to make innovation and daily practice a possibility by experimenting with innovative methods, empowering people with the right skills, networks, and tools to enrich the culture of innovation.

1. Experiment - Innovative Ideas

Innovative ideas make a huge difference in government service, and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation offers a world-class, multi-functional space for exploring, generating, and fostering innovation globally, regionally, and internationally.

The Centre focuses on the following activities -

  • Build and host innovation laboratories to test innovations and identify solutions to partnership problems with government departments, the private sector, and other relevant entities.
  • Develop innovation labs to propose solutions to the government’s issues in crucial fields such as programs, procedures, and policies.
  • Host advanced innovation laboratories that offer end-to-end assistance to federal and local governments.
  • Explore the emerging developments in creativity and introduce new concepts and themes for experimentation.

Key Initiative: Government Innovation Labs

The Government Innovation Lab consists of specialized interactive sessions and experiments using creative approaches and techniques to encourage innovative ideas.

Considering the significance of innovation laboratories in developing government policy and the most effective means of brainstorming and innovation, the Government Innovation Labs are frequently coordinated by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation.

It provides advanced, immersive seminars and conferences that use creative approaches and resources to encourage innovative thinking and identify solutions to government agencies’ problems. It is accomplished by taking together all parties to address government issues and to identify innovative solutions.

The lab is a means of accelerating decision-making and kick-starting solutions to the problems under consideration. A practical approach is introduced, enriched with intense exercises, debates, and open dialogues, allowing people to concentrate on future solutions instead of challenges.

2. Enable - Innovative Capabilities

Mohammed Bin Rashid Government Innovation Center focuses on developing government workers’ creative skills by creating an interconnected system of innovation tools to train highly qualified government innovators.

The Centre focuses on the following activities -

  • Host and execute approved educational programs, technical courses, and seminars on the production of innovation skills in government
  • Provide a government innovation platform, toolkits, manuals, and methodologies to help government departments drive innovation
  • Build and foster government innovation tools and processes
  • Link the innovator culture of the UAE to a global network of like-minded professionals and experts

Key Initiative: Public Sector Innovation Diploma

The centre initiated a one-year innovation program in government innovation where members from executives from federal and local government departments went through a training program about public sector innovation. The program is in collaboration with leading educational institutes.

The fundamental goal of the Diploma is to develop the next generation of government leaders in innovation. It is an extensive curriculum that involves educational exercises, seminars, field trips to provide government workers with the concepts they need to improve the culture of creativity within their organizations. As part of this procedure, participants are also tasked with collaborating in teams to plan and create a capstone project that will resolve the UAE’s government sector issues.

The Public Sector Innovation Diploma Curriculum consists of 6 modules and is funded by five intermodular activities:

  • Idea foresight & Innovation Ecosystem
  • Toolkit for innovation
  • A research expedition by a study tour to the United Kingdom
  • Leadership and execution
  • Sustainable technologies for sustainability in the future
  • Innovation in Government


The program shall concentrate on the following objectives:

  • Seek to enact the UAE 2021 vision by making the UAE government one of the world’s most innovative governments.
  • Develop national capability specializing in government innovation
  • Spread the notions of government creativity in ministries, regional and local authorities
  • Establish a culture of creativity in the internal work environment of government institutions and work on initiatives linked to the goals set out in the UAE Vision 2021


  • Provide a practical atmosphere that promotes creativity and is fitted with the newest technology to complement the selected job courses.
  • Provide functional laboratories for the production of groundbreaking project prototypes through strategic alliances
  • Circulate periodicals on best practices for creativity.
  • Provide a virtual forum to link participants to experts
  • Arrange research trips to determine best innovation practices

Eligibility Criteria

To be part of the study, the participant:

  • To be a federal worker.
  • Has a graduate degree or similar degree
  • Can talk in English (speaking and writing)
  • He is intelligent and has hope for the future.
  • Should be aimed at the stage of the work of the program

3. Enrich - Innovative Culture

Mohammed Bin Rashid Government Innovation Center seeks to foster the culture of innovation in the UAE government sector by establishing international alliances and being a global forum for innovation and best practice. To incorporate innovation principles in the government sector.

The Centre focuses on the following activities -

  • Building alliances and networks with leading global players to exchange expertise and best practices in the government sector.
  • Register and disseminate new thoughts and activities in the UAE;
  • Create reward schemes and recognition schemes for innovators
  • Increase understanding of the role of innovation in strengthening government work.
  • Analyze, record, and encourage all invention cases in the UAE and around the world

Key initiative: UAE Innovation Month

It's a nationwide event and historically significant. It attracts all sectors of society who, through their involvement, contribute to shaping the future of the UAE. This event aims to establish a pervasive culture of innovation in the UAE and reinforces its position as a global center for innovation.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Government Innovation Center is committed to building a network of global collaborations with the finest universities, specialist agencies, and foreign organizations focused on government growth. It means that we benefit from the latest advances in this area and offer the required assistance to all federal and local authorities wishing to develop creativity in their respective sectors.

Through tracking and recording all government developments in the UAE, the Center will become a government hub for other countries wanting to benefit from the experience of the UAE in this regard.

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