Massive 9.5% Growth of Tourism Industry in Sharjah

Massive 9.5% Growth of Tourism Industry in Sharjah

by Zaara 29, Oct 2019

Stands as one of the top profitable and growing industries of the world, the tourism domain has made a remarkable move in the Emirates of Sharjah. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) turns out to be a hot-bed for worldwide tourists. Ranging from the Grand Mosque to Burj Khalifa, the nation has got one of the best works of art and engineering that will allow individuals to go beyond their imagination. As we all know that the Emirates of Dubai is targeted as one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, the Sharjah, is no less behind. According to the recent reports, the Sharjah International Airport has seen massive growth in the number of tourists leveraging the count by 9.5%, rounding to 3.2 million passengers in the first quarter of 2019. This growth seeks out numerous opportunities for business investors who want to start a business in Sharjah, in the tourism industry. If you too are one, then you have landed at the right place.

This blog will give you a complete picture regarding the tourism industry of the Emirates of Sharjah and will help you to understand the industry insights that will help you in incorporating your business in the UAE.

A Tour on the Emirates of Sharjah

Considered as the third largest and the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah rests along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula, covering an area f 235.5 square kilometres, contributes around 7.4% towards the GDP of the nation. The Emirates has been continuously attracting millions of investors worldwide, which have widened the business opportunities to a great extent in all possible domains

A Gist on the Sharjah Tourism Sector

As stated earlier, tourists choose the UAE as their first option when it comes to travel. Dubai has made its stand and has left footprints in the minds of the visitors. To raise the other Emirates to the same level, the Emirati Government holds a vision to transform Sharjah as the ideal family destination, to attract more than 10 million visitors in the region by 2021. Several steps have been taken by the government, which will also boost the hospitality, retail, food and beverages industries as well. The area turns up to be a perfect ground for several events like exhibitions, meet-ups, sponsorships, corporate meetings etc. Now, let’s focus on the backbone of Sharjah Tourism.

Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA)

Established in 1996, the SCTDA was formed to promote commercial and tourism activities in Sharjah, that would leverage the business scope to the next level. The authority carries out different activities, builds strategic plans to develop and promote the tourism industry further. The end goal is to transform Sharjah as a worldwide tourism hub and to do so, and the SCTDA takes the following measures appropriately:

  • Promotes the historical attractions present in the Emirate
  • Supports the relevant entertainment industry, as it paves out a way to attract more tourists
  • Hostel establishment and operation licenses
  • Build plans for improving the commercial development of the tourism industry
  • Looks forward to increasing the number of hotels in the region
  • Takes care of issuing the tour operator license
  • Provides marketing collaterals
  • Inspects the tourism properties etc.

Strict rules have been laid down, which are followed by the respective authority to strengthen the tourism sector. These strategies have resulted in an increase in the number of visitors in the region. Moreover, by the end of 2020, Sharjah will see massive growth in the tourism sector, as Dubai Expo 2020, the most significant business platform is on the way, expecting a count of 25 million visitors across the world.

Business Opportunities in Sharjah

Thus, we have seen that the region holds numerous opportunities for business investors and entrepreneurs who want to set up their business. Since the number of tourists has been immensely increasing, the need for the related companies also grew accordingly, which paves out multiple options for business investors. Let’s dive down deeper and understand the different business opportunities that the region holds.

1.Travel Agency Business

Since we have already got a clear idea regarding the tourism industry scenario in the Emirates of Sharjah, starting a travel agency business turns out to be a profitable option, which will let you earn a big chunk of revenue. While doing so, you need to make sure that a travel agency license needs to be obtained, which will be issued by the Government Authorities in the UAE. Once received, you can carry out the business operations.

2.Tourist Guide

The limitation of the tourism business is not only restricted to open a travel agency and earn money. If you take a step ahead, you can make money by being a tourist guide. A certified tourist guide needs to hold a tourist guide license, that will allow you to act like a tourist and provides you with the legal permission to act as a guide to your clients.

3.Restaurant Business

The next focus could be on the restaurant business. As the number of people has been continuously increasing, and we know that UAE is home to millions of foreign expats, starting a restaurant business in Sharjah-UAE turns out to be a smart option. Once you are well-versed with your company and customers, you can expand your business to the other Emirates, as well as the neighbour countries.

4.Recruitment Agency

Job has always been a concern for foreign expats visiting UAE, as it provides an excellent platform to the young and fresh minds to earn a living. We all know that there are multiple jobs available on one side and millions of candidates on the flip side, who may not be even aware that their existence is essential to business organizations. Incorporating a recruitment agency can bridge this gap, and by starting so, you can earn a handsome sum for your survival. Before stepping into it, make sure you have a clear idea regarding the recruitment license that needs to be obtained before business incorporation.

5.Cleaning Service Business

As the number of hotels and commercial buildings grows, the need for cleaning services has also been multiplied over the years. We all know that a clean and tidy attracts opportunities by creating a positive mindset in the minds of the visitors. To satisfy this demand, providing cleaning services to corporate organizations, apartments, shopping malls turns out to be a profitable business idea that you can think on. Just like the other specific businesses, a cleaning license needs to be obtained before you set up a cleaning business.


Beauty has always been one of the top concerns of the people of UAE. Millions of visitors do visit the nation every single day, and entering into a salon or spa can turn out to be one of the most relaxing things ever. Be it a local or foreign expat, services offered by salon and spa are a fundamental need for every human being, which makes it a profitable business. The issuance of spa license by the Government Authorities will help you to pave a clear way out for your salon business.

In short, we can say that the growth of the tourism industry in the Emirates of Sharjah has given out new ways to multiple businesses. Tax-free locations situated in Sharjah, known as Sharjah Free Zones stands as a perfect option to give a kick-start. Be it a newbie or an experienced business professional, and they can find Sharjah to be an ideal ground to start their business. It is to be kept in mind that taking the initial steps alone might turn out to be difficult for you, as you are not aware of the legal proceedings of a nation. The smart move recommended is to have a word with a business client who can understand your business incorporation needs and can guide you accordingly.

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