Manazel Real Estate signs deal with Orbital Education to manage Two Abu Dhabi Schools

by Zaara 17, Apr 2020

Manazel Real Estate signs deal with Orbital Education to manage Two Abu Dhabi Schools

UAE has aimed and worked on educating both men and women, which resulted in the literacy rate to be ninety-three per cent. New initiatives have been launched at all educational levels. Some of the best universities across the world are creating programs in the UAE, which attracts students in the Arab world and globally too. The commitment to the education of the UAE has helped the nation to accelerate the economy and prepared the new generation of young people ready to compete in the global marketplace.

UAE also strongly supports education for students who need special attention or needs. Rehabilitation and vocational centres have been developed and expanded throughout the country. The Abu Dhabi government has partnered with the New England Centre for Children. The partnership permits the UAE to establish a comprehensive training course program as well as an education program for UAE nationals to provide services to students with special needs. The UAE also indulges itself in the special Olympics.

Now for further development and advancing, Manazel Real Estate has signed a deal with Orbital Education, a British education Company.

Orbital Education

This company runs a group of schools and colleges offering British Education which is managed and maintained by Cheadle Hulme in United Kingdoms. The team have established schools within the UK and worldwide and they aim to expand their portfolio further.

The Deal Focuses on

Manazel Real Estate has promulgated the signing of a deal with Orbital Education, a British education company. The agreement will see Orbital control schools and lease buildings of mixed-use development communities of Al Reef 1 and Al Reef 2  in Manazel for a time of twenty-five years.

School settled in Al Reef 1 will accommodate two thousand and fifty students and is scheduled to open in 2020. The school in Al Reef 2 it ought to be open in 2021. Both schools will provide the English National Curriculum.

2006, successful launch of the Al Reef 1 community which has sheltered at around seventeen thousand residents and Manazel launched Al Reef 2 in 2014. The second development which consists of eight hundred and sixty duplex villas and is located in Al Samha, which offers a central hub with community facilities such as schools, retail and F&B outlets, clinics and public parks.

Handover of the project started in mid-2018 and is assumed to be entirely handed over 2019 end.

Yaqoob Doseri’s view

Yaqoob Doseri is the CEO of Manazel and his words upon this matter were, "We are delighted to announce this new deal with Orbital Education, which reinforces our commitment to providing residents of Al Reef 1 and 2 with fully integrated community services.”

They believe that the new school is well-positioned for long term success provided the fact Al Reef 1 alone has almost five thousand students, which will make steady demand. They expect similar demand from Al Reef 2 in the upcoming years.

They would remain committed to delivering long term shareholder value as they would like to continue to make it more strengthen and diversify the recurring revenue streams and look forward to reporting on the upcoming progress in due course.

Kevin McNeany’s view on this matter

The chairman of Orbital Education added that they are looking forward to working closely with the Manazel team and to manage and maintain the community schools in the upcoming years as they would anticipate high-levels of demand from expatriate families seeking internationally-accredited quality education.

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