Leading Retailer Opens Business School in The UAE

by Zaara 13, Feb 2020

Dubai, the city which indulges a considerable contribution to the education sector in the UAE region, is closing upon to see a new business school being set up in the suburb. The UAE education industry is always open arms to new and potent schools to provide skilful and technical knowledge to the upcoming students. The introduction of new educational institutions also helps the particular sector and the economy to boost up and subsequently will invite more students and organizations to the country. Owner of the prominent retail company Carrefour, Majid Al Futtaim has decided to launch a new business school project in the city to provide dynamic learning to the employees working in the company.

How will business education help Carrefour and its Employees?

Carrefour, which is a well-known retail chain, based in Dubai, provides its services across the globe. It operates in nearly 38 countries and has a wide range of operational activities in its offices. The company also has a large number of employees working at various functional levels. The company major Majid Al Futtaim is establishing the business school to provide their employees with an innovative approach to several types of works at its centres, various fundamentals, and guidelines regarding the business sector. This step will boost up the growth of the company and help them make more profit and reach maximum customers.

The school is expected to benefit around 2,500 employees and provide them with better professional development opportunities. The business school will focus mainly on delivering dynamic learning programs to the employees working in the company. This approach will help the company to accelerate its ambitious growth plans. Providing knowledge about various business ethics and tactics has become quite a common thing in today’s industry because in the modern-day market there are several new market strategies that the employees need to stay updated about and thus it is an essential step for a company to grow up its market reach.

Infrastructure and Curriculum

The campus of the school is located at the Carrefour premises in Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai and will be having several facilities like VR training room, which will be the first of its kind in the suburb, it will also have paperless classrooms, a multimedia studio, social spaces, catering facilities, and a formal boardroom.

Apart from the conventional classes and centres, the campus will be having an eco-friendly atmosphere with the area being covered with 2,140 plants that will be providing around 857,000 litres of oxygen to the university every year. A 104-year-old olive tree is located at the entrance of the campus, giving a warm welcome to the incoming students. Apart from these, the school is meant to serve students with all relevant facilities, thus making their stay at the campus more convenient.

The course curriculum of the school will be solely in-house based and will be focused on more than 20 years of experience and learning from operating the Carrefour brand in the country. This course will help the company to find and invest in the talent of the people working in the company at the highest levels. The aim of the company behind this idea can be recognized by a statement of the company’s chief operating officer (COO), Miguel Povedano who said, “Majid Al Futtaim’s new Retail Business School is a testament to our commitment to talents and investing in our people at the highest levels.

Three out of four managers at Carrefour have reached their position via an internal promotion”. These words clearly explain how the approach for providing business education is affecting the employees in the company and hence, it will be an excellent step for the company’s growth.

Retail Business Scope in The UAE

The UAE offers a vast culture in terms of businesses provided to those willing in its region. The land of deserts has all the essentials required to set up any business, comprising of the infrastructure, the atmosphere, and the people, all these elements contribute to making it a dream destination for any individual to set up their business. The current retail market in the UAE holds a significant amount of share in the country’s economy. Various retail stores in Dubai offers a vast and enjoyable experience for the customers visiting its outlets. Several festivals like Dubai shopping festival (also known as “Mecca for a big bargain”) are hosted across the year to attract more customers and making Dubai as one of the most sought-after shopping destinations across the world.

Thus the retail industry as a business option in Dubai cannot be ignored because of the reason that the retail sector is booming at a very high rate in the suburb. The total sales in the retail market are expected to surpass $52 billion by the year 2020, thus giving us an estimate that the future of the retail industry in the UAE is quite bright.

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