Largest Ever Entertainment Facility that Bahrain has Seen

by Zaara 26, Feb 2020

Shopping malls are being remodelled and rearranged as recreation centres offering a ‘shop entertainment’ experience to customers. Gone are the days when malls were used as shopping centres. Malls have become more of a “family entertainment” concept. It is no longer only good enough for buying stuff - they have come up with many engaging places. These days, malls have become “hyper-connected microcities.” The real advances deliver “classroom retail” which showcases the processes through which the products and brands are made. Many events will host interactive activities and award-winning as well. Industry experts say, food & beverage, including music, activities, movies, has been claimed to take a rise of around 30 per cent across the markets from the meagre 8 to 9 per cent now.

Bahrain is a Muslim country ruled by Sunni King. The king’s family holds the essential political and military posts. It comes in the Middle Eastern archipelago in the Persian Gulf, tucked into the pocket of the sea bounded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Experiences in the real estate market have changed a lot over the past years, and the Government in Bahrain has also increased the prices, encountering fluctuations. The combination of issues needs to be looked at in terms of fluctuations. As the region has a geopolitical nature, it has undoubtedly affected the market and search volumes have maintained and even taken a hike. The conversion rates have been seen, impacting prices being achieved in the market.

RERA and Bahrain’ Industry

A significant step forward for Bahrain's Industry is the introduction of the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) into the market. The target for the agency was to increase consumer confidence and heighten sales and investors. There are many projects under development and many more in the pipeline, the procedures for investing in and buying properties in Bahrain will certainly help in regulation in RERA's presence. The consumer confidence will be increased and in turn, should see a hike in transactions in the market.

Bahrain’s most popular locations continue to be consistent, with Juffair and Amwaj Islands holding the top spots in the country both in terms of residential sales and rental properties. Apart from the most famous living area in Bahrain, there are several new and upcoming areas such as Al Hidd and Mahooz. The searches for these areas are consistently on the rise, data shows.

Mall of Dilmunia

Bahrain’s mall is all set to open in Dilmunia which will be known as the kingdom’s largest mall entertainment facility, including rollercoasters, bumper cars, other amusement park rides and an ice skating rink. A balanced modernistic and futuristic architecture is what the mall represents. It creates an exciting family-oriented environment within it. The retailers from across the MENA region are included to enter the Bahraini market. It is aiming to provide leisure, quality entertainment, and retail destination, adding value to the island’s tenants and guests.

The Arabian Business reported that a 2,210 square metre zone, Funscape World will consist of four separate free zones and development. Currently, the project is 40 per cent complete. The aim and focus are to get children active in the Funscape Adventure, which will include a zipline, climbing frames, and other rope-based activities. A 1,848 square metre space has been designed for Funscape Sport that will consist of basketball courts, indoor sports halls and a robot-goalkeeper challenge.

The shopping experience will be redefined at The Mall of Dilmunia in Bahrain by connecting urbanity to the retail experience through the development of a Boulevard. Visitors are provided with the illusion that they are outdoors within a vibrant European cityscape. There is an open-sky terrace which will allow the visitors to take the breathtaking view of the island of Muharraq. A beautiful mosque is built on the terrace representing the Islamic family values, culture and lifestyle.

Necessary steps to set up a retail store in a mall

It is always beneficial to open up a store in the shopping mall as it will grant you access to an existing flow of potential customers immediately. The amenities and structures will also be benefited. Though for many stores, it'll be highly competitive because there are many stores which are selling similar products. This factor will lead you to price your products according to your competitors and attract customers. Follow the fundamental steps given below for setting up a store in a mall which offers a relatively straightforward way:

  1. Plan and analyze the mall.
  2. Figure out your product you want to retail.
  3. The requirements shall be understood.
  4. Whether or not to franchise, decide.
  5. Name of your store is one of the crucial aspects.
  6. Take a decision about how you distribute your business ownership.
  7. Check with licenses or permits you need.
  8. Welcome professional help.

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