Is Dubai Favourable for Business Expats?

by Zaara 07, Apr 2020

Is Dubai Favourable for Business Expats?

Dubai has a world-class infrastructure and outstanding healthcare services. Dubai has become the hub for medical tourism in the Middle East. Among the many best in clinics and hospitals. Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) Dubai is the home to the world's largest medical free zone. The development boasts hundred sixty clinical partners, including outpatient centres, hospitals and diagnostic laboratories across hundred fifty plus specialities with licensed professionals from almost ninety countries.

And now, Dr Intesam Al Bastaki, the director of Investments and Private-Public Partnerships Department at the Dubai Health Authority, defines the benefit of the recent Health Investment guide.

The Major Aims of the Health Investment Guide

In Dubai, the healthcare landscape has expanded significantly over the decades and will keep getting more advanced in the future. With the support they are offering to investors, they are optimistic they have a healthy future ahead where the government can work with the private sector to further expand and support a sustainable and strong health system.

The Health Investment Guide focuses on the advantages of investing and presents a snapshot of the health system in Dubai. Along with significant trends, inpatient volumes and spending as well. The guide also investors quality time information on services, supply and capacity gaps and supports them with information that is important to their investment mandates and plans.

The Main Points Covered by the Guide

The Dubai Health Investment Guide has different segments. The information the drivers are providing support to the growth of healthcare demand in Dubai as like growing population, a diversifies and strong economy, stable investment climate with a rising burden of disease and prevalence of chronic diseases and escalate tourism and among others.

The guide delivers an overview of health regulations and any changes and initiatives relevant to investors.

The information figures out the investment journey for different kinds of facilities and which also highlights the investment priorities and needs for outpatient care units specialized services and acute inpatient beds and vital care beds for 2020, 2025 and 2030 which is grounded on comprehensive analysis of demand and supply projections in line with the Dubai Clinical Services Capacity plan 2018-2030.

The details are provided by the guide, which is based on Dubai's free zones, aiming at the major initiatives by the Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Accelerators programme. Dubai can be a very profitable option to reap a profit if you want to start a healthcare business in Dubai.

The Advantages of Investing in Dubai's Healthcare Industry

 Dubai's forefront the way for private sector participation in healthcare in the MENA region. In line with the eyesight of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the prime minister and vice president and Ruler of Dubai, Private sector healthcare gives account for seventy-five per cent of outpatient services and over sixty-five per cent of inpatient services in the emirate.

Dubai also enjoys great infrastructure and a business-friendly as well as a competitive environment.

Agglomerating Dubai's position as a regional and global hub for innovation with recent investment initiatives by government and government-related entities, the emirate offers vast opportunities for private sector providers indulges in the emirate's next big leap in sustainable growth.

Health Sector’s Growth in the Past Few Years in Dubai

The health sector of Dubai has seen rapid growth from the past few years, with several licensed health facilities growing to three thousand one hundred by April 2018 from approximately two thousand eight hundred facilities in 2014 with an approximate year-over-year of four per cent.

The escalation includes private hospitals, pharmacies, specialized health centres, diagnostic centres and dental centres.

The growth, observed is supported by an escalation in population, rising utilization of health services primarily in the private sector, the implementation of compulsory health insurance which has been seen approximately ninety-eight per cent of Dubai's resident population covered by health insurance as of 3rd September 2018.

DHA’s Investment in the Next Two or Three Years

  • Ambulatory care
  • Mental health
  • Innovation in Primary care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Diagnostic health and remote monitoring
  • Tertiary care for diabetes, oncology and cardiology
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Long-term and extended care
  • Home-base care

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